Yoni Massage Fundamentals

{For mind-blowing intimacy & expanded pleasure}

Discover the exact training, techniques and methods involved in giving a partner an unforgettable yoni massage

A lifetime access program with Bonnie Bliss, founder of Yoni Mapping Therapy, Somatic Sexologist & female pleasure specialist

Want to feel more confident
in intimacy with your partner?

Here’s what definitely won’t work…

Doing the same repetitive thing and expecting a different result. Deciding that there’s nothing else to discover about your partner’s body. Believing that mind-blowing sex is meant to magically happen without any effort.

Here’s what probably will work…

 Being tuned in to each others needs, learning about how your partner’s body works and how you can stimulate it, finding out what they love, but also being willing to keep exploring. Being genuinely curious about going deeper.

Deeper pleasure & more fulfilling intimacy are actually skills that we can build

Inside Yoni Massage Fundamentals, I’ll show you my favourite intimacy practice for couplesWhole body sensual massage & yoni massage.


Hi, I'm Bonnie Bliss.

I’m a Somatic Sexologist, pleasure educator and intimacy coach from Melbourne, Australia. I’ve created a women’s pelvic bodywork modality called Yoni Mapping Therapy, and I have over 10,000 hours of 1:1 client experience.

In this
Yoni Massage Fundamentals program, you’ll find nearly 3 hours of my best tips and techniques guide you to give (or receive!) an incredible whole body sensual massage and external and internal yoni massage.

Bonnie Bliss as seen in...


Yoni Massage Fundamentals

{For Mind-Blowing Intimacy & Expanded Pleasure}

There are huge benefits to this practice for both people involved…


* Feeling more confident pleasuring a partner, both internally & externally

* Knowing your way around the vagina and find the G-spot, A-spot & cervix!

* Expanding your repertoire of techniques to use during any intimacy

* Being able to offer her a lush experience of whole body pleasure 

* Support her to access more internal sensitivity & deeper orgasmic states

* Becoming a more loving, present, generous lover with all your new skills!


* Having an experience that is JUST about receiving, resting & feeling.

* Get to know your own pleasure on a deeper level through exploration

* Release pelvic tension, increase blood flow and internal sensitivity

* Discover your G-spot, A-spot and cervix where you’re able to just receive & feel.

* Getting more comfortable communicating with your partner how you’d like to be touched.

* Knowing that your partner is becoming more confident with pleasuring you!


* Break free of repetitive patterns in the bedroom
* Access different pathways to intimacy in relationship
* Experience truly tuning in to each other as a couple
* Co-create deeper intimacy & orgasmic pleasure

In this immersive program, you’ll have nearly 3 hours worth of training on female pleasure anatomy, yoni massage theory and various demonstrations (shown on a human model).

Join Yoni Massage Fundamentals and keep the whole program forever.


What women say about Bonnie's programs:

“I couldn’t recommend Bonnie Bliss and her program more highly! It has given me far more than I could have imagined. 

I am amazed at how deeply connected I feel to my pelvis and womb. I’m so grateful for the juicy pleasures that have opened up in my life!”


“Being a part of Bonnie’s courses has been transformational for me. Sexual intimacy with myself and others has always been a struggle, and I’ve made more progress these last 6 months than I have in my entire life!  

I believe every woman on the planet should be exposed to her work!”



Yoni Massage is a
totally different experience.

(Fingers can reach some pretty damn interesting places!)

I’m all for penetration, honestly. But there are huge benefits to exploring intimacy in other ways too! 

We’ve been taught that we should have instant 0rgasmic pleasure from standard penetration, and that’s just not the case for lots of women.

Here’s why we don’t always feel much pleasure from sex:

Sometimes we have pelvic tension, which impacts blood flow. Or we might not be ‘warmed up’ enough for the arousal processes to be happening. Or we’re with someone who is just focused on their own pleasure. Or the sex is just over too soon for us to fully relax into the experience.

Inside Yoni Massage Fundamentals, you’ll learn how to co-create a lush, relaxing experience of intimacy together. 

You’ll discover a whole range of techniques and strokes that can be used to increase blood flow and internal sensitivity, leading to more pleasure and deeper orgasmic experiences.

Are you in?

Here's exactly what's inside Yoni Massage Fundamentals...

  • Female Pleasure Anatomy Lesson –

    Explained using anatomy models from different angles. Learn about internal orgasm, how our bodies are wired for pleasure and the internal spots you need to know!

  • Introduction to the practice of Yoni Massage –

    You’ll find out why yoni massage can be so powerful, the benefits that people experience, how it can support your relationship and a few important caveats to remember!

  • Touch Skills for Couples Demonstration – 

    Learn various techniques and approaches to intimate touch. In this video you’ll discover practical ways to create infinite variation in any touch, so you’ll never get bored with touch again! Knowing how to truly touch someone is an incredible skill to have.

  • Full Body Sensual Massage Demonstration 

    Shown on a real human model, Bonnie guides you through how to offer a luscious full body massage to a lover. You’ll receive pointers on how to make it extra special, what to be careful with and a specific sequence and set of strokes to try, to make it easy to get started.

  • Yoni Massage Demonstration on a Cushion –

    Using an anatomically correct vulva cushion, you’ll watch a demonstration of how to offer a partner an external and internal yoni massage, with variations of strokes in different areas and guidance on the practice itself.

  • Yoni Massage Demonstration on a model – 

    This 40 minute video is the absolute best part the program, with teaching and live commentary from Bonnie as she goes through an entire yoni massage on a model, starting with the external massage and slowly progressing to internal pleasure zones, like the G-spot, A-spot and cervix, giving examples of strokes on each area.

  • A Downloadable ‘Cheat Sheet’ Booklet for an easy start

    This booklet has the exact steps involved in preparing to offer a partner a yoni massage, and a recap of the whole body sensual massage sequence and strokes, as well as the external and internal yoni massage sequence and strokes. (It’s great to get into your own flow with it with more practice, but initially most people find it useful to have specific, clear guidance to follow!)

Nearly 3 hours of immersive training and demonstrations with all my best yoni massage tips and techniques - to keep forever and explore in your own time...


Doing Bonnie's programs is like....

“There is no fluff ‘padding’ out Bonnie’s courses, it is all genuine, deeply rooted, anchored, informative, practical and useful content delivered with a felt sense of feminine support.

I would highly recommend working with Bonnie, as I have really felt that her number one priority is giving you simple, profound, easy to integrate tools.” 

STACEY, Australia

“Bonnie really knows her stuff!! Her work has really helped me shift away from my goal-oriented view of pleasure and deepen my connection with my own body and it’s needs, desires, and boundaries.

I also feel like I know more about female anatomy than I ever thought possible! This work is SO needed.”



Yet, it's my absolute favourite practice to share with couples.

(And everyone I've shared it with before has loved it!)

It can feel vulnerable to do things differently in an intimate relationship, and that’s perfectly normal. Especially if you’ve been together a long time and you have habits and patterns that feel familiar.

It’s important to go slowly and gently as you explore something you haven’t tried before. We don’t want to create pressure, we want to create a space where you can relax into pleasure and connection together!

That’s why you have lifetime access to Yoni Massage Fundamentals, so you can go at your own pace, and revisit the content anytime you like.

Are you in?

Trying different things in the bedroom can feel confusing...

But having clear guidance and practical, step-by-step training makes a huge difference!

Here's what women say about Bonnie's work:

“With Bonnie, you feel both safe and encouraged to explore parts of yourself you haven’t dared touch before (both physically and emotionally).

It’s no exaggeration to say that she is the best sexuality and embodiment teacher I have ever come across – and I’ve done quite a lot of classes, workshops and courses in this type of work!”


“Bonnie has such incredible insights and tools to share. She has such a gentle and holistic approach to sexual wellness that I really admire. 

I feel like I have learned so much about myself and nurtured my connection with pleasure. I believe every woman would benefit from Bonnie’s work.”



Yoni Massage Fundamentals is for you. Instant access, yours for life.


It’s pre-recorded, so we could create concise, high quality content you can explore in your own time.  As soon as you book in, you’ll be sent access to the whole program on our learning portal. You’ll have lifetime access to everything, so you can refer back to it again and again, there’s no pressure to get it all done in a certain time frame. These are lifelong tools!

We’ve designed this program so you can finish it within the length of time it would take you to watch a movie! It’s just over 2 hours, or 2.5 if you include both versions of the demonstration (there’s a version on a human model and a version on an anatomically correct plush model, for anyone who feels uncomfortable with the human version!) Having said that, you’ll likely want to come back to the content to refresh your knowledge about techniques, principles and strokes – it’s quite dense material and there’s a lot to explore!

Sure, this program is definitely suitable for beginners. We’ve designed this training to be accessible and valuable for any level of experience, but especially for those of you who haven’t explored much in this area before. However, if the idea of jumping into sensual massage and genital massage feels like a lot, I recommend also grabbing Next Level Intimacy, our couples program, which has a wider education on intimacy, pleasure, communication, libido, enhancing penetrative sex and more. There’ll be an opportunity to get Next Level Intimacy at a discounted price after you book in for Yoni Massage Fundamentals.

I’ve taught trainings like this to thousands of people over the years, and some of those with the most experience were amazed how much they learned. If you can approach it with a ‘beginners mind’, I think you can always receive more. Ultimately, it’s about getting motivated to use these tools and practices in our relationships and daily life!

Definitely not. This is a low cost program designed to teach skills to be used within a relationship or where there’s a certain level of intimacy and safety assumed. It is definitely not at all suitable to be used professionally in any context. Professional trainings in Yoni Massage involve many other elements and should include hundreds of hours of training on various essential practitioner topics including trauma. The practitioner training I taught for Yoni Mapping Therapy was over 500 hours in total. This program is offered with the agreement that it will be used for personal intentions only. Thank you for respecting this.

This program doesn’t have any live components. You get instant access upon booking in and you can explore it in your own way, in your own time. You don’t need to share anything in a group setting at all! As for the program content, I like to make this work feel fun, a bit silly and humorous but without sacrificing depth. We’re not into spiritual-blah-blah or super seriousness. Just real, grounded, practical tools and approaches that work.

Nope! In fact, this could be perfect for you if you’re single and wanting some deeper skills for partnered intimacy or to feel more confident in the bedroom…. Or to just feel a bit more comfortable to put yourself out there in the dating world and knowing how to pleasure a partner with a yoni. After all, you have lifetime access to the content, so you can revisit it anytime.

Not at all. This training is appropriate for couples of any gender where at least one partner has a vulva.

You receive instant access to the entire program upon purchasing.  As a lower cost, high value, instant access program, we aren’t able to provide refunds. We know this content is powerful and you’ll absolutely receive something from it that will support your intimate relating. Please read carefully what’s included so you’re clear on exactly what you’re getting for the price. it’s a pretty amazing deal, and you have lifetime access so there’s no pressure to ‘finish it’ within a certain time frame.

If you have any other questions that weren’t answered above, feel free to email us at support@bonniebliss.co .

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