“Bonnie works in a gentle and playful way that is supportive of the nervous system, helping you feel really safe as you explore and unfold the parts of yourself you’ve missed for too long. Working with Bonnie is like remembering who you are with your best mate by your side, cheering you on!”

Melissa, Perth, Australia

“Yoni club has certainly been life changing. I joined to explore my relationship with my sexual self as I’ve been in repetitive relationships patterns that don’t serve me.

Bonnie’s gentle, understanding and engaging guidance have helped me stay committed throughout this course, unlike many others I’ve abandoned in the past.

Not only has it allowed me to experience the deep power contained in the Yoni, this journey continues to unfold and ripple into other areas of my life- helping me to show up for myself first, recognise and enforce boundaries and give to others from my own fullness, rather than from fear.

A bonus outcome- I had surgery a decade ago and gave up any hope of connecting to or feeling accepting of my belly as a result. Through practices with Yoni club this part of my body feels like part of me again. In fact it’s one of my most sensitised areas and a go to for me when seeking pleasure or aliveness!

Thanks Bonnie (and all your wonderful guest teachers)!”

Gold Coast, Australia

“I joined Yoni Club with a single aim – better sex. What I’ve received from it has been so much more than that. 

I’ve discovered pleasure in the simplest things, I’ve learnt much more about my emotions and how to embrace them instead of fighting them, I’ve embraced my body and my femininity in ways I thought were just for ‘those hippie people’ and it’s been easy, enjoyable and beautiful.

Bonnie is kind and strong in supporting us through the course and the community she’s built is such a joy (and an education) to be a part of it.

I can only imagine how much better this world would be if we learnt all this stuff as young women, but regardless, I’m so glad I’ve found it now!”

Melbourne, Australia

“Bonnie’s talents in gentleness and depth make her an incredibly capable and safe facilitator. If you ever have a chance to train with her, either in person or virtually, take it.”

Byron Bay, Australia

“Bonnie teaches you the things we should have been taught in school sex-ed! I’m fortunate to have discovered Bonnie, her workshops and Yoni Club, early on in my sexual journey.

Through Bonnie’s work, I’m grateful for having had such an authentic, relevant & grounded launch pad, including a proper and complete understanding of my yoni and pleasure anatomy!

Yoni Club has expanded my understanding of my sexuality, orgasmic potential, and helped me to explore and deeply connect with my body and Yoni.

Importantly, I had created self-imposed pressure to advance my sexual education quickly and in a ‘prescribed’ way; Bonnie’s teachings on nurturing resistance and meeting yourself where you’re at, really helped me to relax, tune in and be patient with myself.

 Bonnie is a rare gem. Her approach is authentic, gentle, embodied, relatable, natural & grounded. She creates and holds a safe, nurturing & honouring space.

Bonnie delivers her content in a way that is pleasant on the ears and easy to absorb. Her teachings are genuine, no B.S., holistic, informative, practical and easy to integrate; and I love her unique humour and enthusiasm.”

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Melbourne, Australia

“As a survivor of sexual trauma I have spent much time researching female pleasure courses as I attempt to have a relationship with my sexuality again, and Bonnie’s Yoni Club is the only one that I found I could intuitively trust – I was right.

So many people in the field of sexology and women’s pleasure focus on what is trendy, not what is necessarily beneficial or sustainable. Bonnie understands that pleasure is much more than a quick, commodified orgasm.

The focus on sensitising the body and getting in touch with one’s spirituality and emotionality feels unique to her course. Emphasis on connection to oneself is at the forefront. Bonnie is authentic, passionate and insanely knowledgeable. The world would benefit immensely from hearing her wisdom.”

New York, USA

“There is no fluff ‘padding’ out Bonnie’s courses. It is all genuine, deeply rooted, anchored, informative, practical and useful content, delivered with a felt sense of feminine support. I would highly recommend working with Bonnie as I have really felt that her number one priority is giving you simple, profound, easy to integrate tools.” 


“I couldn’t recommend Bonnie Bliss and her Yoni Club course more highly! It’s been an incredible journey and has given me far more than I could have imagined. 

Bonnie has clearly thrown herself, heart and soul, into creating this online course out of her rich and embodied experience and knowledge. She is just such an extraordinary resource and I’m so grateful that she’s made the effort to create such an accessible and comprehensive immersion into so many aspects of feminine empowerment!

I am amazed at how deeply connected I feel to my pelvis, womb and yoni. I’m so grateful for the juicy pleasures that have opened up in my life. Above all, my Yoni wants to say ‘Thank you, Bonnie!” For getting me to finally give her the respect and reverence she so clearly deserves.”

Emma May
Sydney, Australia

“Yoni Club feels like an encyclopedia of body connection, full of new knowledge and ideas. Welcoming, warm & gentle teaching. Go for it!”

Phyllis, Glasgow, Scotland

“Bonnie makes everyone feel welcome and at ease. She has such a natural and down to earth way – there’s not one single moment that i felt awkward during her course. 

Her messages of self-love and pleasure are very approachable and can be integrated into your normal day to day life without having to carve out hours for some special practices. Its so easy! 

Thank you Bonnie, you have truly changed my life with your work.”

The Maldives

“Yoni Club has been an epic journey into the depths of me! I’d recommend this course to anyone, it can be adapted to suit your own pace and where you are right now. I’ve been telling all my friends!”


“I was quite reluctant to explore anything to do with my Yoni before doing Yoni Club but I am SO glad that I did! It feels like a journey back to wholeness. Wholeness as a woman and as a human being.

I’ve shifted a lot of my yoni and body shame, dismantled limiting stories I carried and have begun to cultivate a more positive, playful and honouring relationship to my body and Yoni.

I’ve found courage, curiosity and connection where before there was fear, shame and disconnect. I’ve discovered a special world inside of me I get to explore and experienced the value of embracing pleasure in my life.

Bonnie is phenomenal! Switched on, grounded, absolutely amazing as a facilitator; I found her to be very real, personable, down-to-earth, relatable, compassionate, safe, wise, funny, kind, responsive and supportive.

The course was fun, insightful, connective and the space was held with a lot of heart. I really loved the sense of community with the other members in Yoni club. Sharing struggles and experiences with other women felt incredibly supportive. I felt seen and I felt safe.

Yoni Club has been life-changing and an incredible gift to myself. So grateful I said yes!”

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Melbourne, Australia

“Bonnie and the Yoni Club came along at the right time in my life. Bonnie’s care and reassuring nature has been so great to explore such an important part of me that for so long I’d been disconnected from. 

I love this exploration of my own pleasure beyond the quick climax that I knew before. I feel so much more alive in my Yoni and feel like I’ll keep coming back to the online work as I continue to release, relax and go deeper in my own pleasure journey.”

Byron Bay, Australia

“Being a part of Bonnie’s courses has been transformational for me. Sexual intimacy with myself and others has always been a struggle, and I’ve made more progress these last 6 months than I have in my entire life! 

Bonnie’s approach to sexuality is revolutionary, and I believe every woman on the planet should be exposed to her work!”


“Bonnie has such incredible insights and tools to share. I feel like I have learned so much about myself and nurtured my connection with pleasure.

She has such a gentle and holistic approach to sexual wellness that I really admire. I believe every woman would benefit from Bonnie’s work.”

Rachel Brisbane, Australia

“Entering a course about pleasure and sexuality has been a big step towards owning myself as a woman.

Coming from Eastern Europe I carry a baggage of misconceptions about womanhood and my body, and I so so enjoyed being shown a way towards meeting myself by a woman who is strong in herself… and through this strength (which basically creates a safe container), I can allow myself the tenderness and softness that I long for inside of myself.

Right now I can say that by allowing this work and enjoyment, I not only feel more in my natural self, but also this has had repercussions in other parts of my life – I feel more courage to step up and leave things behind that no longer make sense (in relationships and in my work).

What I like about Bonnie is that she embodies what she is speaking of. Deep gratitude. I can recommend Yoni Club for any woman who is committed to bring more joy, pleasure and aliveness into her existence.”


“There is not one thing you couldn’t ask Bonnie about your womb, your sexuality and the plethora of ways to reach pleasure. She is right there with you, ready to answer. Also, she is the embodiment of what she teaches!

Marcela Widrig, Founder of Fierce Embodiment Los Angeles, USA

“Bonnie’s work is real and raw and cuts straight to the point. She has a way of making you feel so comfortable and at ease in sharing and exploring.

You never feel like you are being forced into something that you aren’t open to or ready for. Everything is a beautiful invitation to explore and be curious, with a sense of play. What Bonnie shares in her work is something that I have been waiting for for a long time.

I am a sensual woman who feels deeply and she definitely speaks my language. Thank you Bonnie. You have given me the courage to explore myself more deeply and helped me trust myself more completely. I look forward to learning and growing in my new awareness.”

Tasmania, Australia

“If you happen to have a vagina and want to know how to live a really magical, pleasurable, far-beyond-mediocre life, you should definitely check out Bonnie’s work!

She’s charming & funny and her orgasmic-ness is contagious!”

Holly Wodetzki Founder of Shiva Shakti Dance

“In a world where we have so many dos and don’ts, Bonnie peels off any pressure you might feel and brings back excitement for self-love and exploration. 

She reminded me to celebrate my differences from other women and that made me feel blessed to be in the body I have. I’ve been given such beautiful tools to unlock my pleasure, which is a pleasure itself!”


“I joined the Yoni club because after years of psychotherapy and cognitive learning, I knew i needed to show up to my body. I needed to make space for pleasure. I wanted to start understanding my relationship with sexuality.

I didn’t know how much goodness I was getting into. While it’s called the Yoni Club, its really about how you relate to your body and connect with yourself. The yoni/sexuality is also an essential part to our vitality and aliveness that gets missed out in other courses.

The course is really wholesome – it brings an understanding of psychology and emotions, the body and nervous system and also draws from spiritual practices. It helps you build the tools available within you through your body – through your senses, through movement, through touch, through pleasure. 

Bonnie also pulls in other experts to support in things that can come up in relating with our bodies and pleasure – especially shame and trauma, and other intersections with sexuality.

This really brings the topic and course alive, and it has been mind blowing and life changing for me. The way I relate with my body has started changing slowly but surely.

It is so heartening to know that I don’t need to fix anything about my sexuality – I just need to help myself feel more alive and sensitise myself by connecting with myself, with others and with the beautiful world.

I love the way Bonnie shows up – authentically, unapologetically, gently but in her power, with healthy boundaries. I have learnt so much from just seeing her navigate and express herself.

I recommend this course for every woman who is even slightly intrigued, who wants to relate to her body differently, who wants to feel more pleasure and joy in her life. Just do it, you won’t regret it!”

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Mumbai, India

“I decided to join Yoni Club on a whim and I am so glad that I did. It has been transformational! 

I feel like a better version of myself and that is thanks to Bonnie. She has provided a very supportive environment for me to explore my sexuality and has introduced me to the world of embodiment. For that I will be forever grateful!”


“With Bonnie, you feel both safe and encouraged to explore parts of yourself you haven’t dared touch before (both physically and emotionally). It’s no exaggeration to say that she is the best sexuality and embodiment teacher I have ever come across – and I’ve done quite a lot of classes, workshops and courses in this type of work!”

Thelma, Sweden

“I have experienced both in-person and online training with Bonnie. What I love about Bonnie is that she clearly has her own flavour of teaching and transmission of content. She is definitely no cookie-cutter type teacher… you know the type where you can tell the person has read some information somewhere and is simply regurgitating!

I am impressed by her breadth of knowledge, the ease at which she shares it and how she has taken the topics around women’s wellness and embodiment and made it wonderfully accessible.

In terms of content, Bonnie is super practical along with being well versed in the ‘why’ of what she is doing.  I spent a day doing simple embodiment practices with her and felt absolutely elated, enlivened and inspired. The practices were simple, things that I could easily do every day with options for longer practices.

She also teaches practices that are very beginner friendly. Not weird and creepy at all. And she doesn’t do new agey things that instantly cause me to feel repelled and off-side!! In general, I find her very tuned in to what works for women.

There is also a kind of magic that the practices I have done have always met me perfectly where I’m at.  Anyway, in short, Bonnie is one of my favourite teachers for women’s work and I always keep an eye on what she’s writing and what she’s offering.

Oh and one more thing – I love teachers who are generous. It shows me where their true motivation is at. Bonnie offers an abundance of content. I really feel her heart is one of service and she lives what she teaches.”

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Nilanthi Chandra, meditation teacher & retreat facilitator

“I am loving Yoni Club so much. Never have I felt I have all the tools, support, guidance, and the right information all in one spot! 

I’m learning to bring pleasure into my daily life and getting better at listening to my body (I’ve never spoken her language but now we’re at least at a rudimentary communicative stage, haha). 

A lot of it is simply getting used to the idea that I can deserve pleasure, I deserve to know my own body better, etc… Which is completely new thinking, the opposite thinking to what I’ve had all my life!! Thanks so much for doing what you do.”


“Bonnie really knows her stuff!!

Her work has really helped me shift away from my goal-oriented view of pleasure and deepen my connection with my own body and it’s needs, desires, and boundaries. 

I also feel like I know more about female anatomy than I ever thought possible.

Thank you Bonnie for offering this beautiful work to women – it is SO needed!”


“Yoni Club has been life changing! I’ve learned to connect with my body in a whole new way – I’m back in my body after feeling like I’d had an external relationship to it.

I’m less worried about how I look and able to feel my body so much more. I love my body so much more and I’ve been experiencing pleasure in a whole new way. I’ve also learned to incorporate so many movement and pleasure practices throughout my day. 

I’m loving exploring my body and my pleasure potential! A new and sensual dimension has been added to my life and my relationship to sex. Bonnie is fantastic to listen to and learn from, she’s super down to earth and real, while having such a depth of knowledge and wisdom.”


“Doing the Yoni Club course online with Bonnie Bliss has been quite transformative for me. For the first time in well over a decade (excluding a couple of years when I was in a relationship) I actually feel invigorated & alive and wanting to find someone to be in a relationship with and to share myself with.

One of the most basic things I’ve learned but never thought of myself, is that I can touch myself (in a totally non-sexual way) and find pleasure in that. Playing with my own hair, caressing my own skin, breast massage. The simple act of consensual & affectionate human touch is, I believe, vital to ones wellbeing. Only now do I realise I can contribute to my own wellbeing in that way.

Bonnie is a fantastic facilitator. She’s so genuine and giving of her time, her knowledge and her self. The course is well organised and well paced. She’s incorporated other facilitators to share their teachings & she gives everyone the opportunity to ask questions and participate in live forums. She’s very clear about her legal boundaries and acknowledges when she can’t talk about something or if she doesn’t know the answer.

I highly recommend Bonnie’s Yoni Club program to any woman irrespective of her relationship status, sexual preferences or age.”

Sydney, Australia

“Working with Bonnie is a true pleasure in itself. She delivers her workshops in such a gorgeously honest and relatable way. I found myself thinking: ‘yes, me too!’ or ‘yes, I get that now!’

Her focus on consent and invitation to the practise allowed me to move at my own pace and really feel comfortable to deeply connect with the practices. Thank you Bonnie! You have opened up a part of me that was always there, it just needed the gentle encouragement to shine through.”

Melbourne, Australia

“I had the most amazing and empowering birth this third time round and I truly believe it’s because of all the work I’ve been doing through Yoni Club. 

I’m also still incorporating your exercises and principles into life with a newborn!”

Aaria Clair
Sunshine Coast, Australia

“I have discovered so much about myself in such a short period of time thanks to Yoni Club. 

Bonnie has a wealth of knowledge and is so calm and beautiful to be around, even if it’s virtually! She always answers my questions and makes me feel comfortable. 

I highly recommend Bonnie and the Yoni Club. Everything i have learnt so far has helped me get closer to myself and my power.”

Melbourne, Australia

“The Yoni Club journey has had immense ripple effects to all areas of my life. It has provided me with numerous tools to help rewire unhelpful and disempowering attitudes and behaviours I have in regards to my yoni, my sexuality and sexual functioning and my overall sense of self.

Outstanding issues and insecurities I have lumped around with me and added to over the years are starting to slowly dissolve. With every new piece of wisdom gained from Bonnie Bliss and her incredible selection of guest mentors I feel I am being lead along a path of healing. A safe space where I am able to reclaim my power back.

Sex, pleasure and orgasm used to feel like a losing battle. Struggling constantly with the feeling any effort to improve my situation was invalid due to anxieties of feeling broken and unfixable.

Disappointment and dissatisfaction has been a constant theme that detrimentally impacted my self worth. Yoni club has completely changed this.

I currently feel thoroughly supported by Bonnie Bliss, Gigi Grace and co, reawakening confidence and curiosity to explore pleasure, whilst forming a sense of autonomy surrounding my own sexual satisfaction. Ultimately reconnecting with my sexual self through Yoni Club’s huge pool of resources.

Bonnie’s passion for her work and wealth of knowledge is injected into every aspect of the course content. I still can’t believe I am lucky enough to have the ability to apply this to my life from here on in. I would love others to find this course and utilise this powerful opportunity like I have.”

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“I’m definitely more connected to my pelvic space. 

My attitude towards it has far more awareness, acceptance, curiosity and joy compared to the numbness, ignorance, apathy and blame / shame in the past.

Yoni Club has given me a new connection to my pelvis and yoni, with access to more juiciness and interest in exploring practices that can improve my pelvic health / wellbeing.

I’ve experienced healing from past wounds of unwanted or coerced sexual approaches.

It has also given the possibility of a healthier sexual relationship with my partner as this became a step for my own healing.”


“I have quite a layered history of religious shame, endometriosis, infertility procedures, and betrayal trauma. 

To learn why my yoni has been so ‘numb’ certainly came as a relief. You mean I can actually do something to help her (my yoni) heal?

With tons of self-compassion, lots of patience (this is a hard one for me!), and determination, I have been able to heal and transform the way I view my sexuality – emotionally, mentally, physically, and yes spiritually!

It’s been a beautiful journey – worth every effort. Thank you, Bonnie!!”


“A friend suggested that we sign up to this ‘Yoni course’. She had to explain to me what ‘Yoni’ meant.

It seemed way too personal and like it was definitely NOT a course for me, but after a few glasses of wine, I thought about it a bit more and realised that if there was a whole course worth of content on the ‘yoni’ then I certainly am lacking knowledge in this area!

So I joined because I wanted to learn more about my body. I am forever grateful to this friend because I am two months into this course and it brings me joy every day.

I have learnt so much about my body and it has changed everything. My energy, mood, focus and wellbeing has all been impacted. I am more aware of how I am feeling and why. I’m very excited about what is yet to come as everyday is an improvement.

Prior to this course, all my focus was on work and getting through daily ‘to do lists’. Now I have this little secret which brings me joy every day.

I truly believe that every woman should have access to this course, particularly with Bonnie as the facilitator. She is by far the best person to learn from.

She has so much knowledge in this field. She is passionate and engaging and delivers the material in a fun and interesting way. I have laughed a lot along the way.

Can’t thank you enough Bonnie for the amazing work you do!”

Melbourne, Australia

“Bonnie is such a gifted facilitator and has such incredible insights and tools to share. I feel like I have learned so much about myself and nurtured my connection with pleasure. She has such a gentle and holistic approach to sexual wellness that I really admire”.

Hazel, Brisbane

“Yoni Club has been life-changing. I’ve learnt to connect with my body in a whole new way – I’m back in my body after feeling like I’d had an external relationship to it. 

I’m less worried about how I look and able to feel my body so much more. I love my body so much more and I’ve been experiencing pleasure in a whole new way. I’ve also learnt to incorporate so many movement and pleasure throughout my day.

I’m loving exploring my body and pleasure potential. A new and sensual dimension has been added to my life and my relationship to sex. Bonnie is fantastic to listen to and learn from, she’s super down to earth and real while having such a depth of knowledge and wisdom.”


“I joined yoni club as I was feeling unhappy and disconnected from my life and body. So much has shifted since I joined. I feel juicier in my life and relationships. I love and desire my own body in practical and sensual ways on a daily basis. I dress for my own pleasure and find delight in caring for and presenting myself.

Yoni club has connected me to a wider world of knowledge and support which I’m still exploring. I loved the variety of speakers and practices. It is informative, embodied and creative. It is also supportive, connecting and normalising.

Embrace the opportunity to join Yoni Club, it is an incredible resource to connect with and reclaim your womanhood. You can explore the activities at your own pace, but don’t let fear hold you back. I recommend it to both friends and clients.

Bonnie is a loveable and approachable facilitator. I would describe her as sex goddess meets girl-next-door with an adorable dash of puppy dog! I feel that she has my back and I will keep accessing her resources for myself and others.”

Wajan, Counsellor
Tasmania, Australia

“I’m in Bonnie Bliss’ Yoni Club, and have had a massive shift in my experience and mindset of pleasure. 

The group calls and Facebook group have also been really helpful – hearing and reading about other women’s experiences and realising we’re not alone in our thoughts around this area of life.”


“Bonnie’s vulnerability to share her personal struggles is a great testament to her dedication to her work and personal journey. 

The Yoni Club course has been wonderful and enlightening. I would definitely recommend this course to any woman who wants to learn about her body and how to connect with it.”


“I wanted to acknowledge how profound my experience of yoni club has been so far. I have always shied away from online training as I have worried about not being able to stay motivated, and also had negative experiences of people churning out the same old material and leaving you on your own. 

I am so glad that I listened to the deep call to hop into Yoni Club, despite these reservations as my experience has been so opposite to this.

You create such a beautiful, softly held, space where I have felt safe and supported, despite never having met you, or any one else in the community, in person. I love the way the modules are structured, with a gentle build-up to what might be more challenging work.

I also hugely value the way that you engage through the facebook group- offering so much variety and keeping the course feeling grounded in the present, including through your specialist guest teachers.

I have been shocked about how much I am learning about my OWN BODY at age nearly-thirty! WHAT A GIFT you are giving the women who are engaging with your work.

It’s not just the information and the beautiful flow however, it is also the energy and presence that you bring, as well as your willingness to share your own experiences. 

Thank you so much for this work- it has genuinely changed my life.”


“Hey, I’d love to share some of the experience of working with Bonnie so that it may reach and inspire other women to do the same.

When I first met Bonnie, I was not in touch with my yoni the way I am today. Nor was I aware consciously of the relationship I could develop with her. We’re brought up, for the most part in Western society, with huge doses of shame around our body and our sexuality. Coupled with abuse and mistreatment throughout our lineage this can be a tight knot to unravel and for many it can take a lifetime to do so.

What I love about Bonnie‘s work is that it’s a gateway to the unknown. She has a very soft and juicy presence and the work for her is easy when done with love and a gentle unwavering calm. A word that I feel is important to use to describe the initial feelings is ‘non-judgment’. Everything is welcome.

For any women who’d like to start to connect with deeper self or go further along their current path, this work sets you on a journey you can follow and explore easily – whether for healing, pleasure, remembering, and so much more. Thanks Bonnie!”

Dee, Australia

“How well do you know your pelvis?

If you’re a woman and want to know ALL THE THINGS… then Bonnie Bliss is your lady. Vagina Lady, in fact. Pelvis Person. Womb Woman. Clit Sister. Your Cervix’s best friend.”

Alex White Pleasure educator & embodiment teacher

“The pelvic massage had a profound impact… Absolutely amazing! I woke this morning with a buzz & energy I haven’t felt since my time with my last lover! Your program is what I have achingly searched for for many years.”


“I’m definitely more connected to my pelvic space. My attitude towards it has far more awareness, acceptance, curiosity and joy compared to the numbness, ignorance, apathy and blame / shame in the past. 

Yoni Club has given me a new connection to my pelvis and yoni, with access to more juiciness and interest in exploring practices that can improve my pelvic health / wellbeing. I’ve experienced healing from past wounds of unwanted or coerced sexual approaches. It has also given the possibility of a healthier sexual relationship with my partner as this became a step for my own healing.”


“My partner completed one of Bonnie’s workshops for men on women’s sexuality. 

He told me the experience was enlightening and safely facilitated, and he wished he’d learnt this stuff about women earlier. 

I feel it made a positive difference to his understanding of female sexuality and therefore my needs and helped bridge the conceptual gap. 

It helped us to communicate about and experience sex more openly and with more understanding and curiosity.”


“I was looking for something like Yoni club for a long time. This course is a great way to become curious about your relationship you have with your self and others, and your Yoni, of course!

One of the many great things I can take away from what I’ve done so far is feeling like I’m not alone some of the ideas I had about pleasure and the barriers that may have held me back from allowing pleasure to come into my life.

You really are held and supported by Bonnie (She really supports you!) and the other women on the course. This course suits me because there’s no time limit and absolutely no pressure, you can breathe, enjoy and go at you own pace..

Its unlike any online course I’ve ever done and I’ve connected with some beautiful women along the way too.”


“I joined Yoni Club to have more sexual pleasure and it went way beyond my expectations.

The course helped me gain an understanding of my body, some precious knowledge I’ve never heard about before and it allowed me to connect, love myself more and realise that I could be my own best lover! 

Bonnie is an amazing facilitator, she’s very generous and she knows how to guide you gently into the unknown of your body. A bonus is her delightful sense of humour!

Mathilde, France

“Participating in your course has allowed me to deepen my self respect and boundaries. 

I have slowed down and listen to my body more and even ask my yoni for guidance.”


“If you’re here reading testimonials you’re obviously more than browsing and considering joining Yoni Club. If I could, I would reach out of the screen and shake you (lovingly, of course) and say JUST DO IT!

The knowledge that is learnt through Yoni Club is something I honestly believe that all women should be equipped with. It is not rocket science however there are so many moments that left me going “how did I not know this before!?”

I have certainly learnt a lot about connecting to my pleasure and unleashing it, but what has been equally amazing (cliché as it may sound) is how much I have learnt about myself and who I am as a woman.

Bonnie has the most gorgeous manner of teaching, absolutely knows her shiz, and Yoni Club is the most nurturing and non-judgmental community to be part of. Join us!

Tasmania, Australia

I feel both personally and professionally inspired by what Bonnie shares in Yoni Club. I love the combination of practices and information, content interviews, recommendations and resources.

As a woman and also as a midwife, I got so excited by info about hormones, menstruation, the cycles, the vagus nerve, pelvic anatomy etc.

All that was balanced beautifully by the invitation and guidance to explore myself with reverence, self love and curiosity. There’s a lot to sink your teeth (or fingers) into.

Also Bonnie is a legend. A beautiful mix of fun, compassionate, real, accessible and very knowledgeable.”

Mariko, midwife

“I’m definitely more connected to my pelvic space. My attitude towards it has far more awareness, acceptance, curiosity and joy compared to the numbness, ignorance, apathy and blame / shame in the past. 

Yoni Club has given me a new connection to my pelvis and yoni, with access to more juiciness and interest in exploring practices that can improve my pelvic health / wellbeing. I’ve experienced healing from past wounds of unwanted or coerced sexual approaches. It has also given the possibility of a healthier sexual relationship with my partner as this became a step for my own healing.”


“Bonnie shares her wisdom, authentic experiences and knowledge in such a unique and sensitive manner. Listening to her makes the feminine alive in me again after years of disconnection.”

Sally, Israel

“I joined Yoni Club because I had a feeling that I was missing a connection to my yoni and therefore missing a lot fun and pleasure.

As a woman who has had a great deal of issues with her pelvis, especially the movement practices have been very useful, and also the knowledge that I was a completely normal woman for needing more time before something entered my body.

I hesitated a little before joining as it seemed a little too alternative for me. 

But after watching the videos I felt a huge relief, and an instant feeling that it was so right what Bonnie said about the body and sexuality.

Bonnie is a very delightful host, she’s funny and informative. The guest teachers she brings on are also great, and a lot of this stuff I wished I had known earlier in life.

I still do some of the exercises every week, even though i bought the program more than 1.5 years ago.

So overall it is very much worth the price, and you will not regret it :)”

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Auckland, New Zealand

“If you’re thinking about joining Yoni Club, I encourage you to do it. It has enriched my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined before. 

I was so personally intimidated by it – my preconceived notion was that it was “too sexual” and “too spiritual”, things that I didn’t really want to think about And yet, I was curious about the pleasure aspect, the embodiment aspect from a style of dance I had done called Shiva Shakti Dance. I was fascinated to learn more about (capital P) Pleasure that comes from an enlivening of the senses, not from doing.

I was doing an academic online course at the time and I knew from past experiences that I need to balance out mental effort with body-based practices or I become unwell. So I joined yoni club then and the timing was really right for me. Of course I didn’t feel comfortable anyone I was in a yoni club (I felt shame!) so I called it an online course on female empowerment. (haha!)

It dawned on me later that whatever lessons I thought I would get from it (sensitising to pleasure, body based practices, and a sense of empowerment) I got them AND I got much more.

One unexpected kernel of goodness that I got from this course was a wonderful way of working with my emotions. I didn’t know it coming in, but there was a lot of emphasis on working with the nervous system and this made so much sense to me. It helped me understand that a state of stress, worry and anxiety is not a great state to be receptive to pleasure from. There were guided practices to provide nervous system support which were nurturing and profound.

I did get to the point where I could share about sexuality more openly, with Bonnie and with other participants in a Facebook live. I asked questions specific to my own sexual experiences with my partner and Bonnie made me feel a) that it was perfectly ok and normal to ask that question and b) that there was a very practical, kind, wonderful way of working with that issue.

It happened time and time again and it really was a revelation to me that this stuff is workable, but we do have to be willing to talk about it.

So even though I wouldn’t have thought so, the opportunity to talk about sex with other women, and to ask questions about sexuality and anatomy with someone as knowledgable as Bonnie was one of my favourite parts of the course.

If you’re thinking about doing this course, do it. I encourage you to disregard the excuses. I was already studying another course at the time so I could have told myself that I didn’t have the time. But the beauty is you can take the pressure off and go at your own pace. The material stays available once you enrol and the material is of extremely high quality in both content and presentation.

It is organised and laid out so well and in manageable-sized amounts, that it is a pleasure to work through. It never once felt like a chore or a must-do. It was more a case of I can’t wait to put down the other stuff of life so I can dive into yoni club time! I really looked forward to the clips shared, and I found them powerful and enlivening as well as soft and nurturing.

And Bonnie herself, I can’t really say enough to praise her. She is exactly the person I needed by my side to delve into this wild and wonderful world. Unabashedly straightforward, inclusive and honouring, informed by lived experience, inspiring and compassionate.

What an amazing experience that keeps enriching my life in beautiful and unexpected ways!

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