I first discovered the magic that is Yoni (vagina) massage when I began studying at the Tantra Temple in Copenhagen in 2012. I was encouraged to receive a Tantric Massage with Yoni Massage so I could really feel the effect of this unique style of bodywork.


So one sunny afternoon, awash with nervous jitters, I found myself on the doorstep of a fancy apartment on Nyhavn, the postcard picture strip of Copenhagen – on a cobblestoned canal, old timey boats floating past, lots of brightly coloured houses all in a row.

I was ushered into a sitting room for a chat with Inga, my Tantric massage therapist. She listened to me patiently, explained what would happen in the session and assured me I’d be safe and supported. Then Inga led me into a room, invited me to lay down on a futon and gave me an experience I’ll never forget.

I had no idea exactly what she was doing, but from the very beginning it felt amazing and so relaxing. 

My whole body just melted. I was in total ecstasy – feeling all kinds of incredible sensations I’d never felt before. 


I was experiencing my body in a completely new way –  This is my body!?


At the same time, the sensations went beyond the body somehow… it felt like I was expanding into the universe and simultaneously dissolving into nothing.

I was profoundly peaceful. It was a deeply sensual experience, but not exactly sexual, even though she gave me a Yoni (vagina) Massage as part of the session.

My Yoni felt incredible. More alive than ever before, yet deeply connected to the rest of me, my sexuality blending with my whole being rather than being focused on the genitals.


Sensations that originated in my vagina became part of a background buzz of immensely relaxed pleasure.

Eventually, the massage was over. I knew it was 2 hours long, but time ceased to have any meaning for me during the experience. I walked out of there on a cloud, my body tingling from head to toe – feeling gloriously alive and awakening.

My mind was well and truly blown.


I was high for days afterwards (in a good way!) I was also surprised. In awe. A bit confused. How come no-one told me about this?

Why didn’t I know that my body could feel SO good!?


Why wasn’t I taught that my vagina could help me access such beautiful states of expansion?


I started practicing Tantric bodywork and immersed myself in learning Yoni Massage. Soon, I discovered that this experience wasn’t just something that happened for me, but a pretty common thing for many people discovering this work. After practice sessions, I’d ask people how they felt – regularly receiving responses like:

“I have no words. Just wow!”

“I feel like I just met myself for the first time.”


“I’ve never felt anything like this before – I didn’t even know this was possible!”

Of course every experience was different – sometimes it was also challenging, confronting, emotional, or healing. Usually it wasn’t a sense of sexual pleasure, but more just really beautiful feelings in that area – deeper sensitivity. More connection. More awareness. A relaxation and a softening. More love for this part of the body.

I knew I’d come across something special, and I wanted to share it with as many women as I could… So I did!