For years I thought I needed to perform during intimacy.

I’d internalised the patriarchal story that my body existed solely for male pleasure, and that I should always put his pleasure first. I pressured myself into having sex when I didn’t feel like it. Again and again and again.

I saw my partner’s cock as a threatening, confusing, kinda gross thing, with a mind of its own. 

Now, I feel a deep sense of respect, honouring and even devotion to this part of a man who I deeply care for. It brings me great joy (and even sometimes orgasmic deliciousness!) 

In this much requested program, you’ll discover the art of holistic cock worship – how to give a man a deeply nourishing whole body experience of pleasure.

It’ll also be a bit ridiculous & funny because this stuff can be pretty damn amusing!

Would you like to feel...

  • Confident & relaxed when it comes to giving pleasure to a male partner?
  • Like you’re totally in the zone when it comes to intimacy?
  • Excited to offer your man the gift of delicious, whole body pleasure?
  • Like there’s no pressure to perform and you can just ‘be’ in the experience?
  • Inspired to get in the bedroom & explore lots of new approaches and practices?

You're invited to join...


Understanding Male Sexuality & The Art of Cock Worship

Inside, you’ll discover…

  • Challenges that face men when it comes to sex, pleasure and intimacy – and having a penis!
  • Ways to cultivate a sexually alive relationship
  • Setting the scene for a delicious, heart-centred intimate experience together
  • How to cultivate respect & honouring towards your lover’s cock (even if it’s felt complicated before)
  • Male whole body pleasure – ejaculation is wonderful but there are many paths to pleasure

And you’ll leave with…

  • Knowledge of how to truly pleasure a man 
  • An updated toolkit of practical techniques to bring into your relationship (or future relationship)
  • Some powerful insights from men who have a deep connection with their sexuality
  • An immersive training on mens sexuality with Cam Fraser, Australia’s leading mens sex coach.
  • More confidence and inspiration in the bedroom
  • A different understanding of men’s sexuality and what’s possible in terms of intimacy
  • A whole new appreciation for men and the cock!

Exactly what you receive..

Lifetime access to content including:

  • A video training on sexual challenges men face
  • Lesser known penis anatomy – with diagrams!
  • Introduction to cock massage – theory
  • Cock massage demonstration on a model cock
  • THREE exclusive interviews with male friends of Bonnie’s, sharing their views on men’s sexuality, pleasure, orgasm & what makes an amazing lover

    A long video training with Australia’s leading men’s sex coach, Cam Fraser, where we dive deep into topics like:


  • What’s really going on for men in the bedroom
  • How to support a partner when it comes to erection
  • How to go deeper into pleasure together
  • Types of orgasms and pleasure for men
  • How ejaculation is separate to orgasm
  • Porn, it’s impact and healthy ways to engage with it

    PLUS a PDF with the exact cock massage strokes outlined so it’s easy to get started!

Hi, I'm
Bonnie Bliss...

 As a Somatic Sexologist, sex educator and pleasure specialist, I’m kinda obsessed with pleasure, intimacy, orgasm and touch.  

For the last few years, my main focus has been on teaching women about their own sexuality and pleasure, but after many requests, I’ve decided to share this powerful training for women revealing a holistic approach to honouring men in intimacy.

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Are you in?

If you'd love to be able to offer a man a delicious whole body experience of pleasure - while fully respecting yourself - this is for you...

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It’s pre-recorded, so we could create a gorgeous video demonstration using a cock model (not a real human!) and include various men as contributors and guest teachers. As soon as you book in, you’ll be sent access to the whole program on our gorgeous learning portal. You’ll have lifetime access to the program, so you can refer back to it again and again.

Absolutely. We’ve designed the training to be accessible and valuable for any level of experience, but especially for those of you who haven’t explored much in this area before.

I’ve taught trainings like this to thousands of people over the years, and some of those with the most experience were amazed how much they learned.

If you can approach it with a ‘beginners mind’, I think you can always receive more. Ultimately, it’s about getting motivated to use these tools and practices in our relationships and daily life!

I like to make this work feel fun, a bit silly and humorous but without sacrificing depth. We’re not into spiritual-blah-blah or super seriousness. Just real, grounded, practical tools and approaches that work.

Not at all! In fact, this is especially perfect for you if you’re single and wanting to feel more confident in the bedroom, or wanting to avoid repeating old sexual patterns in your next relationship…. Or just feel a bit more comfortable to put yourself out there in the dating world.

Yes… It’s not JUST about the genitals or the bodies, we’re exploring conditioning that women might have around men generally, past experiences of relating with cis men, etc. 

You receive instant access to the entire program upon purchasing. As a low cost, high value pre-recorded program, we aren’t able to provide refunds. We know this content is powerful and you’ll absolutely receive something from it that will support your intimate relating. Please read carefully what’s included so you’re clear on exactly what you’re getting for the price. it’s a pretty amazing deal, and you have lifetime access so there’s no pressure to ‘finish it’ within a certain time frame.

If you have any other questions that weren’t answered above, feel free to email us at .

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