Have you noticed how so many of the things we do to ‘look after’ our body are all ‘doing’ things? Mostly things we do in order to look a certain way?

Things like…

+ Getting facials
+ Shaving our legs
+ Shaping our eyebrows
+ Getting our nails done
+ Putting on make up
+ Tanning ourselves with fake tan
+ Dying our grey hair  (omg I have full streaks now at the ripe old age of 33!)
+ Waxing our vaginas

Maybe you do all of these regularly, maybe just one or two of them… maybe you have completely different beauty rituals.

These little ‘rituals’ can definitely support us to feel better about our bodies.


They can be amazing, helping us feel more comfortable in our skin and to feel just a little bit more sparkly as we go about our day. Doing these little beauty routines can allow us to explore different aspects of ourselves. Sometimes we do them because we love how it feels afterwards and we enjoy taking care of ourselves in this way.

On the other hand, sometimes we might do these things because we feel like we ‘should’.



Maybe we think we aren’t beautiful with grey hair / hair on our legs / pale skin… or we couldn’t possibly leave the house to go anywhere without a full face of make up because someone might see what we really look like! Or we do them for someone else, not for ourselves.

If that’s the kind of pattern we are in, we can also choose to explore what kind of things we’d like to do just for ourselves.



We can explore what we might want to do with our bodies. If we’d rather look into more natural products to use that don’t test on animals / use toxic chemicals that leach into our skin. If we really want to take the time / spend the money / go through the pain of doing something because we live in a culture where most women do it and it’s just expected.

We. Can. Choose.

As I said – all of the practices I listed above can be wonderful if they feel right for you personally, and I’m by no means putting them down or saying not to do them. Isn’t it interesting though, how most of them have the goal of affecting how we look, on whipping our appearance into a certain shape?

We’re often conditioned to beat our bodies into submission, but actually feeling and loving our bodies as they are is not soooo encouraged generally. Oooh no, don’t love yourself as you are, that’s dangerous! (plus whole industries would go out of business…)

Why Feel Good Practices are the Future…



You might be already exploring certain practices that directly affect how you feel within yourself. In my opinion, these kinds of practices will make a far greater difference to how we are perceived (and how we see ourselves) than whether we used eyeliner that day, or if we dyed our grey roots lately.

These kinds of practices can make an impact inside our bodies, and be the difference between:

+ Feeling naturally buzzy and alive, or a bit flat and bored.

+ Feeling confident in the body we’re in, or constant pressure to change it.

+ Feeling comfortable wearing something a bit sexy (when we want to), or always covering ourselves up in loose clothes.

+ Feeling heart-open and relaxed, or closed and contracted.

+ Feeling expansive pleasure in our hips and pelvis, or feeling shut down and disconnected in that area.

+ Feeling peaceful and calm, or feeling stressed and highly strung.

Some examples of practices that might feel good for you…



+ Simply pausing and breathing deeply a few times every hour to relax your sympathetic nervous system

+ Standing at your desk (standing desk required!) and wiggling your hips as you work to stay connected to your body

+ Having epic sex with someone you love to feel connected, loved, inspired and vibrantly alive

+ Dance Breaks throughout the day (if that’s possible where you work – maybe you could start a new thing!?)

+ Letting yourself feel the emotions that arise in you and create space for them – honouring those parts of you that are needing attention.

+ Gentle Breast massage for self love and heart opening (and also because it feels nice!)

+ Immersing yourself in water more frequently to feel refreshed, clear and energised afterwards

+ Wild Dancing deep down in your hips to awaken the pelvis and make you feel more alive and sexy

+ Restorative Yoga for deep rest, calm and nervous system balancing

+ Tracking your monthly cycle and tuning in to when it feels like the right time in your cycle for certain activities

+ Self Yoni Massage or Mapping for releasing pelvic tension, feeling more pleasure and sexual energy and activating different orgasmic areas

Yummm… feel good self care is a whole world of awesomeness – and it doesn’t need to be complicated! 

What would feel good for you today?