Libido Love

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If your libido has gone missing, sex is the last thing on your mind &
you're ready to stop judging yourself and find a new way forward in 2023...

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You're not meant to feel like sex 24/7.

(Yep. It's the truth.)

We put so much pressure on ourselves to feel like sex all the time. We might compare our sex lives to others or judge ourselves for not being open enough. 

Hell, sometimes we even just go along with intimacy when no part of us actually wants to, just because we don’t want to say no to someone we care about. 

Ever just faked an O because you felt nothing and wanted it to be over? Yeah that.

Here’s the thing: It can’t go on like this. 

Overriding our boundaries and disregarding our needs gets us exactly nowhere we want to be. 

If we want to create a healthy relationship to sexual intimacy, we need a different approach. One without shame, pressure or expectations! 

What if s3x could feel enlivening, fulfilling and uplifting? What if you didn’t need to beat yourself up over your libido anymore?

If you’re ready for a whole new way forward… Join us for Libido Love!

(And yes, there’ll be a limited-time replay as long as the tech gods smile upon us… so it’s ok if you can’t make the live time – although it’ll be way more fun live!)


This is what women say about Bonnie's work...

“I’ve shifted body shame, dismantled limiting stories and have begun to cultivate a more positive, playful and honouring relationship to my body. I’ve found courage, curiosity and connection where before there was fear, shame and disconnect. I’ve experienced the value of embracing pleasure in my life. So grateful I said yes!”


“There is no fluff ‘padding’ out Bonnie’s courses. It is all genuine, deeply rooted, informative, practical & useful content, delivered with a felt sense of feminine support.

I would highly recommend working with Bonnie as I have really felt that her number one priority is giving you simple, profound, easy to integrate tools.” 



Hi, I'm Bonnie.

I’m a Somatic Sexologist, pleasure educator and the headmistress of The School of Embodied Pleasure, a four month program for women in sexual wellness, pleasure & embodiment. I spent years in shame, disconnection, self judgement and numbness until I discovered how to relate to my body in a completely different way.

In this free workshop, Libido Love, I’ll reveal the most common misconceptions when it comes to libido. I’ll give you my favourite tools for getting unstuck from a sexual rut, and show you how to feel juiced up in your body and connected to pleasure. This stuff can feel tricky, but it doesn’t need to be. I can’t wait to share what’s worked best supporting thousands of my clients with libido challenges over the years. Come join me!

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It's about being curious & willing to learn.

“Bonnie’s messages of self-love and pleasure are very approachable and can be integrated into your normal day to day life without having to carve out hours for some special practices. Its so easy!


“Bonnie has such incredible insights and tools to share. She has such a gentle and holistic approach to sexual wellness that I really admire. I have learned so much about myself and nurtured my connection with pleasure. I believe every woman would benefit from Bonnie’s work.”


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