Have you ever felt like you were taught to see your sexuaI and sensual self as separate from the rest of your life?

Do you tend to prioritise almost everything else over your embodiment & self care?

We often tell ourselves that pleasure is superficial. We might even judge ourselves if we want more mind-blowing bedroom bliss or we enjoy the sensuous swing of our hips. 

We sometimes settle for intimacy that’s gooooood, not great. Many of us go for the easy, predictable, reliable sure-thing orgasm, instead of really exploring the full extent of our pleasure potential.

Yet… I’ve found that learning to embrace our bodies and our emotions and exploring the full spectrum of our sexuality, pleasure & sensuality is absolutely essential if we want to live a life of less self judgement, more confidence and waaaaay more general deliciousness.

Hi, I’m Bonnie Bliss. 


I’m a Somatic SexoIogist, intimacy educator, facilitator and women’s pelvic wellness specialist. So basically, I’m a fairy godmother for vaginas… (yes, my life is as weird as it sounds!) I’ve spent most of the last decade exploring and teaching about the mysteries within the female body.


I dream of a world where we all respect sexuaIity as the powerful force that created us, where our bodies are loved and cared for, where we know that we are enough, exactly as we are. I’m focused on co-creating a culture where pleasure is seen as our natural birthright, and we are living full, pleasurable, deeply satisfying lives (both in the bedroom and outside of it). 

And I'm visiting the Byron Shire one more time this year...

I’m offering my whole day workshop for women in:


GOLD COAST – Burleigh Heads –
Sunday 8th December


{in collaboration with Yoni Elixir & Enlightenment in the Bedroom}


Pelvic Embodiment - Awakening Aliveness & Sensitivity

a whole day journey into the wilderness within your own body

First, a question for you... Can you relate to any of these?

  • Your libido has run away and you’re feeling kinda numb or disconnected down there.

  • You feel like you’re missing a pelvic puzzle piece – you’re ready to learn more about how it all works.

  • You have a sneaking suspicion there’s more pleasure out there AND you’d like to invite it in.

  • You’re regularly stressed, overwhelmed or exhausted. It’s time to fill your love tank.

  • Your self pleasure routine is getting boring or repetitive, you’re ready for some new inspiration.

  • You’d like to reclaim your body for YOU, after going through some intense experiences.

  • You’re finding yourself having sex when you don’t feel like it – you want to want sex more.

  • You have resistance to self care but you’re open to simple practices that make sense in your life.

Does anything sound familiar there? If so, I'd love you to join us.

During this luscious full day adventure…

We’ll explore a combination of pelvic embodiment & movement, self massage, guided meditation and theory. I’ll also give you tools and practices to take home to go deeper with

These practices are intended to enliven your pelvis, juice up your libido and bring more pleasure and sensitivity to your daily life. 

Pelvic Embodiment & Movement
I’m going to share some very special little-taught material from my personal movement practice for epic pelvic activation, sensitivity and increased blood flow (This practice is GREAT to do before self-pleasure or before intimate time with a partner!) 

Self Massage & Exploration
We’ll do some gentle self pelvic massage & touch for relaxation, libido boosting, sensitivity &  pelvic awareness (all without getting naked or touching our actual vaginas!)

Guided Meditation
There’ll be guided meditations to explore our relationship to our sexuality and pelvic space, as well as expand our awareness and sensitivity.

Tools and Practices to take home
You’ll receive a bunch of tools, practices and important information to take home and weave into your daily life in your relationship with your sexuality and your body.

Q & A 
We’ll have a Q & A at the end, which will give you a chance to ask questions about sexual wellness, pelvic sensivity, pleasure, orgasm, anatomy or whatever you like!

We’ll touch on many topics, including…


  • Pelvic wellness practices & deep self care rituals
  • Bringing more sensitivity & aliveness into your body
  • Movement practices for sexual awakening
  • Lesser known anatomy of arousal knowledge 
  • Healing emotionally from past experiences
  • Reclaiming your sexuality as your own
  • Moving emotions through your body 
  • Living a pleasurable life every damn day
  • Loving your body on a whole other level
  • Releasing sexual shame and guilt

And hopefully you’ll leave having received…

  • The incredible gift to yourself of time and space to simply be with your body.

  • A deeper understanding of the amazingness of your pelvic space and your pelvic anatomy (not the boring complicated bits though!)

  • Practical techniques to boost your libido, feel more sensitivity, pleasure and aliveness in your hips and pelvis.

  • A juicified, gooey, lushed up feminine body, pulsating with aliveness.

  • A stronger connection with yourself as a sexual being.

  • Embodied tools to support you when you’re feeling numb or disconnected from your body.

  • All kinds of other lovely juju that probably varies from person to person…

Gold Coast, QLD

Date: Sunday 8th December
Time: 9.30am – 5.30pm


Location – Temple at Burleigh – 3/ 68-70 Township Dr, Burleigh Heads

Would you like to join us?

Sunday 8th December

$ 197
  • including a bottle of Yoni Elixir (RRP $47) - the BEST lubricant for Yoni exploration!
  • A whole delicious day of embodied practices & exploration
  • Lots of tools and practices to take home with you
  • Create deep shifts in your connection
    with your body and sexuaIity
  • Feel juicy aliveness in your hips and pelvis
  • Full price $237 (if booking after 23rd November)

Got Q's? Well, I've got A's for you...

A water bottle, clothes you can move comfortably in (no jeans or tight skirts!), and a notepad in case you want to write things down.

Not at all. I’ve designed the event to be accessible and valuable for any level of experience, but especially for those of you who haven’t explored much in this area before.

I can’t be sure, but probably. I personally receive so much from going deeper with this work. The event is quite focused on your embodied experience, and I believe we can always go deeper in our embodiment – there’s no point where we’ve ‘done it all’.

I LOVE to make this work feel fun, fascinating, a bit silly and humorous. I’m not into spiritual-blah-blah or super seriousness. There’ll be a full spectrum from ridiculous vagina jokes (I have many!) to deep vulnerability – and everything in between. Lots of moving our pelvises in all kinds of ways, to music.

Not for this day event. There will definitely be some self touch, but it will be fully clothed. I’ll give you some practices to explore at home when you ARE naked, though!

Libido love has a bit of a focus on the female pelvis (anatomy etc) and reproductive system, so it isn’t an ideal event for those who were not born biologically female as there are some anatomical differences. Having said that, if you identify as female, you’re still welcome. We are open for women of all ages and backgrounds. Women of all sexual orientations are welcome – I’m committed to not use heteronormative language.

This kind of work is very gentle and there’s no pressure for you to do any of the practices if they don’t feel right for you. There will be a lot of guidance to connect with your body and listen to feel if you’re not open for a particular practice or approach.

The event will introduce ways of being with your emotions, your body and your sexually, and definitely some trauma-informed tools for healing… but healing from deep sexual trauma is not something that a one day event can provide.

I recommend finding a practitioner to work 1:1 with – a body-based psychologist, Somatic Experiencing practitioner or highly trained trauma therapist.

Paying for the event is your commitment to the event. I’m not able to offer refunds if you change your mind / your circumstances change, however you’re welcome to sell your ticket onwards to someone and just notify me of the name change.

Thank you for understanding that there are a limited number of places available for these intimate live events so you paying for a space means the space is held for you and not offered to someone else.


If you have any other questions that weren’t answered above, feel free to email me and I’ll get back to you ASAP! hello@bonniebliss.co