Pelvic Pleasure 101

Release numbness, explore your pleasure anatomy & expand self intimacy

A training for women & vulva owners with Bonnie Bliss, Somatic Sexologist, Female 0rgasm Expert & Intimacy Educator.

Does any of this sound familiar...?

  • You know self care is important (blah blah) but it just seems too hard.

  • You’re stressed, exhausted and in a go-go-go pattern of getting shit done.

  • You’re kinda numb sometimes and you’d like to feel more, please!

  • You’re certain you’re capable of more pleasure, but you’re not sure how to get there.

  • You wanted to prioritise your sexuality and pleasure this year but it hasn’t quite happened yet


Hi, I'm Bonnie.

I’m a Somatic Sexologist, pleasure educator and intimacy coach based in Melbourne, Australia. I love supporting people to connect with their pleasure, release numbness and shame in the bedroom and access more fulfilling intimacy, alone and with a partner!

In the Deeper Pelvic Pleasure program, I’ll support you to discover your pelvic space, expand your pleasure and access more sensitivity and aliveness in your lower body. You’ll receive my favourite short practices that will support you to access deeper pleasure and feel more connected to your vulva & pelvic space anytime, even if you’re busy!


Pelvic Pleasure 101

Release Numbness & Access Deeper Self Intimacy

This is a program for women and vulva owners who want to…

* Release patterns of numbness & disconnection
* Feel more sensitivity in their pelvic area
* Understand how to access deeper pleasure
* Feel a sense of intimacy with themselves
* Get to know their vulva & pleasure anatomy

These are lifelong tools that my students have been using for years to expand their relationship with their sensual selves, to feel more during intimacy and deepen their self pleasure practice.

(Note that this program doesn’t contain Yoni Mapping practices or internal pelvic massage – that needs to be offered in a longer program to get the most out of it. This program is all about understanding holistic pleasure principles, accessing more pleasure in your pelvic area generally, exploring self pleasure in a different way and getting to know your vulva – which will absolutely impact your relationship with intimacy and orgasm.)

Is it time to prioritise your pleasure?

Join us for Pelvic Pleasure 101

The program is delivered online – you can access the content anytime.


What women say about Bonnie's programs:

“Bonnie’s work is real and raw and cuts straight to the point. You never feel like you are being forced into something that you aren’t open to or ready for. Everything is a beautiful invitation to explore and be curious, with a sense of play. 

Thank you Bonnie.  You have given me the courage to explore myself more deeply and helped me trust myself more completely”


“Being a part of Bonnie’s courses has been transformational for me. Sexual intimacy with myself and others has always been a struggle, and I’ve made more progress these last 6 months than I have in my entire life!  

Bonnie’s approach to sexuality is revolutionary.
I believe every woman on the planet should be exposed to her work!”


Topics we cover include...

  • Holistic Pleasure Skills – Understanding how to expand whole body pleasure and sensitivity

  • Cultivating Self Intimacy – Creating a deeper relationship with your body & your pleasure

  • Vulva stroking meditation – This gentle stroking practice is about creating a different connection with your vulva, without goal-orientation

  • Pelvic Awareness Guided Meditation – to connect with your lower body and feel grounded and centred

  • The Pelvis 101 – Video training on the pelvis, pelvic anatomy and why this space is so freaking important and wonderful.

  • Pelvic Juju Embodiment Class – a video class with gentle pelvic movement to awaken more blood flow and sensitivity.

  • Vulva Gazing and stroking practices – where you’ll get to know your vulva on a whole other level.

  • Pelvic Bowl Meditation – to connect with the inner world of your pelvis and tune into subtle sensitivity there.

  • Somatic Pelvic Connection Practice – To anchor into your lower body – a great one to do when you feel stuck in your head.

  • Butt Jiggling – to release a clenched, uptight butt and bring more pelvic blood flow – which means more pleasure generally!

  • Sacrum Activation – A guided practice to explore the sacrum area, which has lots of ligament connections and nerve pathways.

  • Next Level Self Pleasure Exactly how to deepen your experience of self pleasure to access deeper 0rgasmic states!

  • What Blocks our Orgasm – understanding what gets in the way when it comes to orgasm and how to unblock it!

Over 4 hours of training to keep forever and explore at your own pace.


Bonnie Bliss as seen in...

Working with Bonnie is like...

“Bonnie works in a gentle and playful way that is supportive of the nervous system, helping you feel really safe as you explore and unfold the parts of yourself you’ve missed for too long. 

Working with Bonnie is like remembering who you are with your best mate by your side, cheering you on!”

MELISSA, Perth, Australia

“There is no fluff ‘padding’ out Bonnie’s courses. It is all genuine, deeply rooted, informative, practical & useful content, delivered with a felt sense of feminine support.

I would highly recommend working with Bonnie as I have really felt that her number one priority is giving you simple, profound, easy to integrate tools.” 



Pleasure isn't selfish, it's necessary.

(Yep, it's the truth!)

It turns out that being able to access pleasant sensations in the body actually supports our nervous system and makes us more emotionally resilient. Pleasure isn’t only sexual, it’s about enjoying being in your body throughout your day… and it changes everything.

When we’re more connected to pleasure, we’re more loving and generous to those around us, we have more energy, we’re able to focus better, we’re more relaxed… and we get more done!


Are you in?


But having clear guidance and practical, effective tools makes a big difference!

“Bonnie makes everyone feel welcome and at ease. She has such a natural & down to earth way – there wasn’t one single moment that I felt awkward during her course. 

Her messages of self-love and pleasure are very approachable and can be integrated into your normal day to day life without having to carve out hours for some special practices. It’s so easy!


“Bonnie has such incredible insights and tools to share. She has such a gentle and holistic approach to sexual wellness that I really admire. 

I feel like I have learned so much about myself and nurtured my connection with pleasure. I believe every woman would benefit from Bonnie’s work.”



Pleasure is a learnable skill. Do you want to know how to access more of it?


It’s pre-recorded – so there are no rambly replays to watch to get the content. The theory and practices will be delivered via a learning portal.  There’s an app for easy access and you can explore these anytime!

You’ll keep access to the learning portal with the theory and practices, so you can revisit them anytime!

Yes… if you have Yoni Club, about 50% of the content in this program was in Yoni Club. If you have The School of Embodied Pleasure, ALL the content in this program is also inside The School, so it’s definitely not for you. This program is designed to be a shorter taste of my work, going into some of the main topics I focus on including pelvic embodiment, pleasure anatomy, yoni connection practices etc. 

Absolutely. We’ve designed this training to be accessible and valuable for any level of experience, but especially for those of you who haven’t explored much in this area before.

I’ve taught trainings like this to thousands of people over the years, and some of those with the most experience were amazed how much they learned. If you can approach it with a ‘beginners mind’, I think you can always receive more. Ultimately, it’s about getting motivated to use these tools and practices in our relationships and daily life!

I like to make this work feel fun, a bit silly and humorous but without sacrificing depth. We’re not into spiritual-blah-blah or super seriousness. Just real, grounded, practical tools and approaches that work, with a healthy dose of support and connection too!

Definitely not – this is all about the connection with your own body!

No, it’s for women and vulva owners specifically, as we’ll be working with female pleasure anatomy. Please note: some of the practices and videos were originally created for women’s courses, so unfortunately the language will not always be inclusive.

As a low cost, self-paced program where you get upfront access to the entire thing, we aren’t able to provide refunds. The practices and tools inside have already been shared with thousands of people who have received benefit from them. We know this content is powerful and you’ll absolutely receive something from it that will support your pleasure. Please read carefully what’s included so you’re clear on exactly what you’re getting for the price.

If you have any other questions that weren’t answered above, feel free to email us at .


Pelvic Pleasure 101 is for you.

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