What if there’s nothing wrong with you? 

What if your pleasure is a relationship to discover, rather than a problem to be fixed? 

Fulfilling intimacy is simply not the reality for most of us. 

We’re often trapped in the cycle of hustle – stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted. 

How are we supposed to feel like intimacy when we just don’t have the energy? How are we meant to ‘awaken our sensuality’ when we live in a culture that often denies it? 

As a women’s sexual wellness practitioner & holistic intimacy coach, I’ve been exploring the answers to these questions for the last decade of my professional (and personal) life. 

It’s been a wild journey of discovery, and what I’ve discovered has both delighted and surprised me…. 

First though, can you relate to any of these?

  • Your libido is missing in action. You’d rather Netflix ‘n’ actual chill.

  • You’re single & want to feel more confident dating and relating.

  • You’re curious about what kind of pleasure is REALLY possible.

  • You know self care is important (blah blah) but it all seems too hard.

  • You’re too stressed for intimacy. Overwhelmed. Exhausted even. 

  • You want to love your body, but whatever you try isn’t helping.

  • You struggle to set boundaries, or even know what you want.

Sound familiar?

If you can relate to any of the above situations (or maybe even a few of them – no judgement here!), and you’re ready to explore a new way forward, keep reading. There is hope, I promise. 

The most important thing to know is that accessing pleasure, feeling connected to your body & deepening in intimacy are skills that you can learn. Releasing numbness and stress and feeling sexually empowered, confident and connected doesn’t just magically happen on it’s own. 

It’s a way of approaching your body and your sensuality that can be practiced.

This is what I know to be true...

No matter who you are, your body has immense capacity for pleasure.

Even if things are rough right now, your sexuality isn’t broken.

Sexual shame and guilt are normal, but we don’t have to live with them forever.

Pleasure actually supports your nervous system to relieve stress & overwhelm.

You are capable of deep, delicious intimacy, with yourself and a partner.

Hi... I'm Bonnie Bliss &
I'm a somatic sexologist & female pleasure expert.

I’ve spent the last decade of my life supporting thousands of women to release numbness and shame and feel more alive, confident, empowered and orgasmic. 

My work has been featured in...

Holistic Intimacy & Sex Coaching

Private mentoring by application (for women only)

I’m interested in helping you create a sustainable way forward, so I mostly work with clients over a period of time -usually 3 or 6 months, by application. My books are often full, but you can sometimes get lucky and grab a spot straight away!

My personalised coaching programs are for women who are ready to say goodbye to numbness and disconnection and access more aliveness, confidence and next level pleasure.

This is a deep dive into the world of your self care, your body, your desires and your pelvis. 

There is no magic button that will catapult you into the land of deeply fulfilling intimacy without any kind of practice, commitment or self enquiry. (Doing practices to access more pleasure is pretty damn enjoyable, though!)

NOTE: I have super limited spaces for 1:1 work and will only commit to work with you if it’s right for us both – I prioritise longer term support because it takes time to create lasting change in your life.

Coaching could be right for you if...

  • You’re ready to open to a more pleasurable, fulfilling and connected way of living

  • Honestly? You suck at doing online courses. You need live, tailored guidance from an actual human

  • You’re seeking a no bullshit, grounded, embodied approach from someone experienced

  • You’re willing to explore parts of yourself you’ve never met, even though it can be scary

  • You understand that levelling up with your sexuality & pleasure will support all areas of your life

  • You’re not up for just continuing the way things are and hoping something will be different

  • You know this is important so you’re committed to invest in yourself and do the necessary work

Is it time to reclaim
your sensual self,
just for you?

Are you feeling a big YES to all this?

The deeper coaching work (3 or 6 month personalised programs) are offered by application only, to make sure that we’re compatible and I can definitely support you.

Apply below and I’ll be in touch to arrange a chat.

This is what women say about working with me...

Areas we could explore include...

  • Self care practices for deeper pleasure
  • Overcoming libido challenges to feel more open to intimacy
  • Getting strong and clear in your boundaries
  • Relating tools for deeper intimacy & mind-blowing intimacy
  • Nervous system regulation to support yourself through intense times
  • Releasing numbness, bringing more sensitivity into your body
  • Embodiment practices for sensual aliveness
  • The lesser-known paths to deep internal orgasms
  • Reclaiming your sexuality as your own (to enjoy alone and/or share with another!)
  • Loving your body on a whole other level, no matter what you look like
  • Releasing shame or fear in relation to your sexuality
  • Internal Yoni Mapping practices to release tension patterns from the pelvis

Your body is an incredible instrument. Do you know how to play yours?

Places for a 3 or 6 month personalised coaching program with Bonnie are now open by application only...

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