A sex & intimacy coaching session could be right for you if...

  • You’ve been struggling with an area of intimacy or sexuality that you’d like personalised support with

  • You know that it’s time to explore this part of you, but you need some guidance to get started

  • You’re seeking a no bullshit, grounded, embodied approach from someone experienced

  • You know you don’t need support over a long period, you just need some inspiration to begin

Hi... I'm Bonnie Bliss.
I'm a somatic sexologist & female pleasure expert.

I’ve spent the last decade of my life supporting thousands of women to release numbness and shame and feel more confident, empowered and orgasmic. 

My work has been featured in...

What happens in a holistic sex & intimacy
 coaching session? 

Well, everyone works differently, but here’s how my sessions work – 

  • You click the button below and book a time in on the calendar
  • You’ll be emailed a zoom link
  • On the day, we show up on zoom
  • Sessions are talk-based, and conducted fully clothed always
  • We speak about what’s going on for you in this area and what you’d like support with
  • I take notes and offer you my support and insights on this topic
  • The session goes for 45 minutes 
  • After that, you receive an email with various resources and recommendations

Please note: this is a one-off holistic intimacy & sex coaching call for a super reasonable price that you can only ever book once per person. 

Each week there are a very limited number of clinic hours available.

Most client work I do is for committed periods of 3 or 6 months to allow for deeper exploration over time, but you’re so welcome to book an initial session here to experience my work!

Is it time to reclaim
your sensual self,
just for you?

Areas we could explore in coaching include...

  • Self care practices for deeper pleasure
  • Understanding libido challenges to feel more open to intimacy
  • Getting strong and clear in your boundaries
  • Relating tools for deeper intimacy & mind-blowing intimacy
  • Nervous system regulation to support yourself through intense times
  • Releasing numbness, bringing more sensitivity into your body
  • Embodiment practices for sensual aliveness
  • Releasing shame or fear in relation to your sexuality

This is what women say about working with me...

Your body is an incredible instrument. Do you know how to play yours?

I'd love to support you!

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