This is the part where I’m supposed to tell you about that magical pivotal moment where my life changed and now I’m totally evolved and spiritual AF and I’m in a permanent state of bliss, right?


However, life doesn’t work exactly like that (you might have noticed).  Life is not lived in a linear fashion, in fact, it’s wiggly and convoluted sometimes. There’s all the good juju. The learning, the inspiration, the joy, the bliss. And then there’s the sticky stuff. Exhaustion. Overwhelm. Confusion. Anxiety. I know them all soooo intimately.

Ah, being human. It’s not always easy, huh? I don’t believe there’s some future place of perfection we can reach where everything is rainbows all the time. Or if there is, I’m certainly not there yet.

However, if I had to pick a defining moment that omg like completely changed my life, I’d probably pick this one. 

My first yoni massage. After years of internal numbness and shitty sneeze-like orgasms, this was the point where I was shocked to discover that my vagina was a gateway to the kind of pleasurable sensations that felt like I was dissolving into the universe itself for hours on end. Holy wow. 

I remember feeling frustrated afterwards though. Angry even. Why wasn’t I told about this earlier!? 

It’s not exactly something we get taught in school sex ed. It’s actually not even common knowledge. 
There’s so much cultural shame and taboo around our bodies, genitals and sexuality that it’s sometimes hard to find empowering information amidst the chaos.

People often ask me how I got into this work. Well, I literally fell into it. I can’t say I ever imagined I’d be teaching women about the magic of their vaginas. I didn’t even know it was a thing until I experienced it myself. 

It’s been a wild and crazy ride the last few years offering this highly unusual work in the world. It’s sometimes challenging to step into something that is so out there (I’m actually an introvert) but it’s an absolute honour to do what I do and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hi, I'm Bonnie Bliss.

A pelvic wellness bodyworker,

intimacy educator, somatic sexologist, bliss seeker, speaker & writer, I’m also the founder of a women’s pelvic wellness modality, called:

'Yoni Mapping Therapy -
The Bliss Method.'

In early 2017, I developed a 6 month intensive certification training in my method of Yoni Mapping Therapy which I offered to a group of 26 amazing women from all over Australia and the world – these women are now fully certified Yoni Mapping Therapists! 

with Elise Savaresse, which is a series of workshops & retreats in ‘intimacy education for adults’. The Yoniverse offered Australia’s most widespread intimacy events in 2017-2018 with over a thousand people attending so far.

Inspired by connection,

the wisdom of our bodies and the beauty of the natural world, I’m constantly working to refine my relentless creative inspiration into clear, specific projects. There’s a lot of letting go!

Passionate about writing,

simple living, organic food, quality time with loved ones & performing stand up comedy, I also love to spend time in nature. I lived for many years in Europe, enjoying trips to India, Nepal & Asia. I travel for work sometimes and I’m enlivened by new places & people.

A country girl at heart,

 I’m now grateful to be soaking up some city vibes in Melbourne, the unofficial brunch capital of the world.

A gifted speaker, facilitator & guest teacher...

Bonnie’s unique expertise is highly sought after for events, festivals, guest teaching, interviews & articles. With a warm, real and down to earth speaking style, Bonnie loves to use humour and personal stories to inspire and engage her audience.

With a depth of experience that ensures she speaks from her own embodied understanding, Bonnie has a wealth of experience gained from spending many thousands of hours with clients in both talk therapy and bodywork.

 Widely recognised as an expert in the field of women’s pelvic bodywork, her work has been featured in print in Sexual Health Magazine (USA) and Australian Yoga Journal, online on Elephant Journal and VICE (amongst others) as well as on various podcasts and summits.

Regularly invited to present on various retreats and trainings around the world, Bonnie is open to discuss possibilities for collaborations.  

Bonnie’s favourite topics to speak on are… 

Pelvic wellness, 
pleasureable living, emotional healing, sex education, sexual challenges women face in our culture, common myths and misconceptions about the vagina, the many kinds of female orgasm, Yoni Massage, Yoni Mapping Therapy, safely finding a practitioner and issues with the field of sexual wellness.

Professional Training & Background…


In her field, Bonnie believes that one of the most important skills is the capacity to create a safe and open space to allow people to have their own unique experience. Some things can never be taught formally! Much of what she works with has been learned through her extensive experience as a practitioner and facilitator, however she has also received extensive formal training. 

Bonnie’s formal training includes:

  • Somatic Sexology, Certified Somatic Sexologist, through the IISB, Zurich
  • Gestalt Psychotherapy – Erik Smith – Gestalt Institute of Scandinavia
  • Certified Karsei Nei Tsang Practitioner (Taoist Abdominal Pelvic Therapy) Thailand
  • Certified Holistic Pelvic Care (TM) Practitioner, trained by Tami Lynn Kent, USA
  • Tantra and Tantric Bodywork Practitioner – Tantra Temple, Denmark
  • Certified Ka Huna Massage Therapist – Mette’s Institute, QLD, Australia
  • Urogenital Osteopathic Techniques – Natalie le Jeune, France / Bali
  • Female reproductive massage – Pi Jem Thanachon, Thailand


Your Pelvic Wellness Specialist.

Bonnie is grateful for the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by many different teachers and experts in their fields. She has received direct teachings from the following teachers in areas including Embodiment, Psychotherapy, Bodywork and Spirituality…

Jenny Blyth (Birthwork) – bodywork for birth preparation – Australia
Natalie le Jeune – Urogenital osteopathy techniques – France
Holly Wodetzki – Shiva Shakti Dance – Australia
Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche – (Tibetan Dzogchen Master) Italy
Daniel Odier – (Kashmiri Shaivist Tantric master) – France
Michaela Boehm (relating / intimacy / polarity/ lineage work) USA
Steve James – co-teacher with Michaela Boehm, USA
Tami Lynn Kent – Holistic Pelvic Care (TM) – USA
Jenna Ward – Feminine Embodiment specialist, Australia
John Bennati – private training in pelvic Muscle Corrective Therapy, Australia
Erik Smith – (Gestalt Therapist trainer) Gestalt Institute, Denmark
Didi Liebold – International Institute of Sexological Bodywork, Switzerland
Joseph Kramer – (founder of Sexological Bodywork) USA
Pi Jem Thanachon– Female Reproductive massage, Thailand

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