Hi, I'm Bonnie...

When I went to the ‘career advisor’ at school, I can’t say I had any idea that I’d build a career supporting women to feel at home in their bodies, overcome libido challenges, have more fulfilling intimacy and find a path forward after experiencing sexual trauma.

For many years, I felt numb and disconnected from my body. I thought I was broken. 

Fumbling my way through the first 6 years of my sexually active life, it seemed like my body existed to please others. I was stuck in performative patterns, believing that sex was something I owed a partner. I felt very little pleasure and just assumed that my pleasure wasn’t important and I’d never be able to enjoy intimacy.

These days, I feel a deep sense of care and love for my body and I feel empowered to communicate if something doesn’t feel right to me. Shame doesn’t get me like it used to, and I know how to use embodiment practices to support self enquiry, access pleasure, build sensitivity and move through challenging emotions that arise in the bedroom.

On a daily basis, I get to support thousands of women to enjoy being in their bodies, expand their pleasure potential and experience deeeper intimacy. It’s such an honour to share this work in the world.

I'm a Somatic Sexologist,

women’s pelvic specialist & embodiment teacher. I’ve basically spent the last decade of my life in the world of the female pelvis. Nothing brings me more joy than supporting women to release shame & numbness, connect with their pleasure (especially after challenging experiences!), overcome libido issues and feel more at home in their bodies.

I've done a boatload of training...

which is all listed below. I believe in being transparent about exactly what I’m trained in, and I want to respect my incredible teachers and what I’ve received from them. My biggest learning however, has come from the 10,000+ hours I’ve spent in 1:1 private client work and facilitating workshops & retreats in person.

These days, my work is all online.

I’ve shared my various paid programs and trainings with over 5000 students so far. Currently I offer a range of lower cost programs in topics like partnered intimacy, yoni massage, body confidence and pelvic embodiment, but my main offering is my 3 month program for women  – The School of Embodied Pleasure.

I sometimes take too much on.

Usually working on a handful of projects, I’m also learning to (gently) wrangle my relentless creative inspiration into specific plans. I’ve been through burn out  before so I try to listen to my body and not hustle or push too hard.

I'm a country girl at heart.

I grew up on a farm on Yuin country on the south coast of NSW, Australia, without electricity or television. I definitely miss the country lifestyle, but I’m loving living in Melbourne now. I recently rescued a 6 year old husky named Akira and we go for lots of walks on the creek!

I love moving my body,

being in water, and connecting with people I love. I’m happiest when I’m by a fire or wandering through the bush. I’m an extroverted introvert. I’m an Aries and I’m wildly impatient. I laugh a lot. I’m better with 1:1 time with people rather than groups. I have a weird neurological condition called prosopagnosia, which means I often don’t recognise people’s faces. (Yes, it’s as awkward as it sounds!)

A gifted speaker, facilitator & guest teacher...

Bonnie’s unique expertise is highly sought after for events, festivals, guest teaching, interviews & articles. With a warm, real and down-to-earth speaking style, Bonnie loves to use humour and personal stories to inspire and engage her audience.

With a depth of experience that ensures she speaks from her own embodied understanding, Bonnie has a wealth of knowledge gained from spending many thousands of hours with clients in person.

 Widely recognised as an expert in the field of women’s pelvic wellness, her work has been featured in print in Body+Soul Magazine, Living Now Magazine, Australian Yoga Journal, Sexual Health Magazine (USA) and online on Elephant Journal and VICE (among others) as well as on various podcasts and summits.

Regularly invited in as an expert guest teacher on other trainings, Bonnie is open to discuss potential collaborations.

Bonnie’s favourite topics to speak on are… 

Pelvic wellness, healthy intimate relating, sexual challenges women face in our culture, common myths surrounding sex education, healing from sexual trauma and pleasure as a nervous system resource.

Bonnie's work has been featured in...

Professional Training & Background…

Bonnie’s formal training includes: 

Somatic Sexology, Certified Somatic Sexologist, through the IISB, Zurich

Gestalt Psychotherapy – Erik Smith – Gestalt Institute of Scandinavia

Certified Karsei Nei Tsang Practitioner (Taoist Abdominal Pelvic Therapy) Thailand

Introduction to Somatic Therapy Training – Amanda Patterson

Embodiment Teacher Training – Michaela Boehm 

Wild Women’s Way Facilitator Training – Michaela Boehm

Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certification

Certified Sensual Embodied Dance facilitator – Holly Wodetzki

Certified Holistic Pelvic Care (TM) Practitioner, trained by Tami Lynn Kent, USA

Extensive training in Hatha Yoga, Denmark

Certified Ka Huna Massage Therapist – Mette’s Institute, QLD, Australia

Urogenital Osteopathic Techniques – Natalie le Jeune, France / Bali

Female reproductive massage – Pi Jem Thanachon, Thailand

Bonnie is grateful for the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by many different teachers and experts in their fields. She has been trained by the following teachers in areas including embodiment, psychotherapy, bodywork and somatics…

Jenny Blyth (Birthwork) – bodywork for birth preparation – Australia
Natalie le Jeune – Urogenital osteopathy techniques – France
Holly Wodetzki – Shiva Shakti Dance – Australia
Michaela Boehm (relating / intimacy / polarity/ lineage work) USA
Steve James – co-teacher with Michaela Boehm, USA
Tami Lynn Kent – Holistic Pelvic Care (TM) – USA
John Bennati – private training in pelvic Muscle Corrective Therapy, Australia
Erik Smith – (Gestalt Therapist trainer) Gestalt Institute, Denmark
Didi Liebold – Somatic Sexologist, Switzerland
Joseph Kramer –  founder of Somatic Sexology, USA
Pi Jem Thanachon– Female Reproductive massage, Thailand
Susanne Roursgaard – Female Sexuality & Dearmouring, Australia
Gigi Grace – Nervous System Therapist, Australia
Amanda Patterson – Somatic Therapy Training, Australia

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