Body Confidence

Release self judgement & body shame

Feel confident in your skin

An embodied, pleasure-based approach to body confidence, with Somatic Sexologist and embodiment teacher, Bonnie Bliss

Do you find yourself judging your body every time you pass a mirror?

Have you been avoiding intimacy because of how you feel in your body? Or shaming yourself for not fitting into certain clothes?

These days it can be challenging to have a healthy relationship with our bodies when we’re constantly seeing highly filtered and edited content on social media… Even the people we see online don’t look like their own pictures!

‘Just loving your body’ isn’t always that simple, though.

Especially when we live in a culture that has taught us to base our worth on our appearance and obsess over every perceived flaw.

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Hi, I'm Bonnie Bliss.

I'm a Somatic Sexologist & embodiment teacher, obsessed with the power of pleasure and body connection. Body image has been a particularly sticky area for me over the years, so I've explored a whole range of different pathways to support myself using my background in somatics, embodiment and pleasure-based living.

My Body Confidence program is a short course for women packed full of the approaches and practices that have helped me and thousands of my students and clients to feel more alive, at home in our bodies & confident in our skin.


Body Confidence

Release shame & self judgement and feel at home in your body

Here’s the thing with body image: We need an embodied pathway forward. We can’t think ourselves into a great relationship with our bodies. We can’t just feel confident without feeling good in our own skin. 

Body confidence is an inside job.

We don’t need more fake empowerment or performative ‘body positive’ advertising. We need practical, connection-based tools we can use regularly to feel more grounded, present and confident in our bodies.

Inside this short program, Body Confidence, You’ll get instant access to a learning portal with  5+ hours of video trainings & simple guided practices so you can release patterns of self judgement and feel more at home in your body anytime.
(These are lifelong tools that you get to keep forever!)

Want more Body Confidence?

Here's what you'll receive inside...

  • An honest look at diet culture and the toxic parts of the wellness industry and the stories we’ve believed

  • Gentle embodied practices to deeply connect with your body through touch and movement

  • Making peace with parts of the body that we’ve judged or shamed using embodiment tools

  • Mirror work practices – rewiring your relationship to the visual experience of your body

  • Pathways for navigating our body image as our bodies change through age, birth, etc.

  • Reflecting on your relationship with food & exercise and finding a nourishing way forward

  • Simple steps to less body shame in the bedroom and feeling more comfortable in your skin with an intimate partner

  • Connecting deeply with your wild, untamed self – the part of you that doesn’t care what anyone thinks of you!

  • ‘Reclaim Your Belly’ training and guided practice, to reconnect with the belly, which is the most judged body area for women generally

  • Finding a healthy relationship to ‘beauty work’: what we do to maintain our appearance

  • Reflecting on clothing and adornment –  why we wear what we do and how clothes impact our body image

  • Lots of embodied, practical tools for deeper confidence in your body and feeling at home in yourself

You get 5 hours of video trainings, audio trainings and guided practices to support you to access body confidence anytime... all to keep forever. (plus a sexy 33 page workbook!)
This work is damn powerful.



What women say about Bonnie's programs:

“Bonnie’s work is real and raw and cuts straight to the point. You never feel like you are being forced into something that you aren’t open to or ready for. Everything is a beautiful invitation to explore and be curious, with a sense of play. 

Thank you Bonnie.  You have given me the courage to explore myself more deeply and helped me trust myself more completely”


“Being a part of Bonnie’s courses has been transformational for me. Sexual intimacy with myself and others has always been a struggle, and I’ve made more progress these last 6 months than I have in my entire life!  

Bonnie’s approach is revolutionary. 
I believe every woman on the planet should be exposed to her work!”



Bonnie Bliss as seen in...

Working with Bonnie is like...

“Bonnie works in a gentle and playful way that is supportive of the nervous system, helping you feel really safe as you explore and unfold the parts of yourself you’ve missed for too long. 

Working with Bonnie is like remembering who you are with your best mate by your side, cheering you on!”

MELISSA, Perth, Australia

“There is no fluff ‘padding’ out Bonnie’s courses. It is all genuine, deeply rooted, informative, practical & useful content, delivered with a felt sense of feminine support.

I would highly recommend working with Bonnie as I have really felt that her number one priority is giving you simple, profound, easy to integrate tools.” 



How you feel is more important than how you look.

(Yep. It's the truth.)

We’ve been taught to fixate on aesthetics – to look at ourselves in the mirror, constantly pinching our skin or sucking our bellies in – believing that if we only looked a certain way, we’d be more desirable, more attractive to others or more confident.

We’re constantly sold the ‘antidotes’ to our body image challenges: Infinite beauty treatments. Injectables. Surgeries. Tight, uncomfortable shapewear. New clothes that’ll ‘flatter’ your figure more. Restrictive dieting. Obsessive over-exercise.

But those pathways don’t actually shift anything on a deeper level. Sure, it’s fun to have new clothes, or take care of our skin, but ultimately body confidence comes from within – from orienting to how our bodies feeeel, rather than obsessing over how they look.

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It's just about connecting deeply with your body from the inside out.

“Bonnie makes everyone feel welcome and at ease.
She has such a natural & down to earth way –
there wasn’t one single moment that I felt awkward during her course. 

Her messages of self-love and pleasure are very approachable and can be integrated into your normal day to day life without having to carve out hours for some special practices. It’s so easy!


“Bonnie has such incredible insights and tools to share. She has such a gentle and holistic approach that I really admire. 

I feel like I have learned so much about myself and nurtured my connection with pleasure. 

I believe every woman would benefit from Bonnie’s work.”



Body Confidence is for you.

NOTE: Body Confidence is delivered online via videos & guided audio practices in our learning portal, which you’ll have ongoing access to. This is a toolkit of education and practices you can access anytime and keep for life. There are no live components and no live support.

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