How is your pussy right now? Does your pelvic space feel alive with pleasure, pulsating with power, awake, buzzy, tingly and full of goodness?


Or has that area been feeling a bit flat, numb, disconnected or kinda sleepy lately?


Of course we go through phases, and there’s a time for everything – it’s not just you’re ‘supposed to be’ having a pleasure party in your panties as you make breakfast, or during meetings at work… (unless you’re into that of course!)

In fact, you’re not ‘supposed to be’ anything, ever.

But we can choose to feel more of that buzzing aliveness, expansive bliss, tingles of pleasure – if that’s what we want – and if we are willing to focus on it.

I’ve found that when I’m open to more pleasure, I feel more inspired, more alive generally – I’m a less bitchy partner, I’m more fun to be around, and I’m more organised and functional with work.

Pleasure is necessary – not just superficial – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Here are 4 simple ways you can feel more pussy pleasure without taking any extra time out of your busy life:


1. In the Shower or the Bath

When you shower or bathe – as you wash yourself, give a little bit of attention to your vulva – touching or cupping this part of you for a moment with loving care. Say hello. Ask her how she’s feeling.

Be prepared to listen to the answer – which could be anything really : sad / angry / neglected / grateful / open / hungry / happy. Acknowledge whatever is there without judging it.

2. When you Dance


Next time you find yourself dancing, whether it’s a night out or a spontaneous dance break or kitchen dance – feel down into your pelvic space and see how it feels to MOVE from your pelvis. From your hips. From your Yoni. Maybe even from your cervix.

Feel how this part of you WANTS to move. How would you move to create more juiciness and aliveness in this area?

3. During Self Pleasure

When you’re touching your body next for pleasure – see if you can let go of your usual patterns and try something different. Go a bit slower. Cultivate a sense of curiousity. Let go of the goal. Touch a different area.

Touch with as much care and presence as you can muster – because the more present you are, the more of all the good stuff you’ll feel.

4. When you’re bingeing on Netflix

Lying down watching Netflix or a movie is a great time to wake up your pelvis. Explore subtle movements from focusing on different areas – your hips, sacrum, pelvic floor and pubic bone, entrance, perineum, etc.

See how much you can feel from just very small movements and muscle activation. Micro movements of shaking, wiggling, rocking, thrusting and bouncing are great for bringing a sense of warmth, pleasure and aliveness. 

Muah hahaha… Netflix will never be the same again…. 


PS. For more guidance in this kind of stuff: This is the place