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Have you been telling yourself you should be more sexually free, more open, more ’empowered’, but it’s just not quite happening for some reason?


Ugh. Yeah I know the feeling. Why are we so damn hard on ourselves!?

Ok here’s a bigger question…

If you could take a li’l peek into your panties right now and have a chat with your vagina… and you asked her how she was in this moment…what would she say?  

Maybe something like…


Great? Fine? Um.. kinda ok?

Maybe a bit neglected? Sad? Numb? *yawn* 

(Omg was that just a growl!? WTF!?)

Sure, your pussy will feel different from one day to the next, but isn’t it more enjoyable when yours feels…

Luscious & juicy? Pleasure-filled? 

Deeply satisfied? Blissed out? Content?

Of course it’s not always supposed to be insta-worthy sunsets and rainbow unicorns in Vagina Land.


But lately I’ve been noticing a bit of a theme: 


More and more women are regularly feeling unsatisfied, a bit disconnected, numb or kinda meh in the vajayjay department… and that makes me sad because it doesn’t need to be that way.


I totally get it though.


It’s hard to know exactly what to do for your particular lady-flower so she feels all loved and lushed up. 


Then it’s almost impossible to find the time… Life is sooo full and intense. Ain’t nobody got time for better orgasms and libido boosting. You’re a busy woman, dammit!

Buuuut… I’m here to tell you that even though it can seem selfish and indulgent, pleasure is actually really healthy and important (woo hoo!) It’s basically a superfood for your whole being, like acai or chia seeds or whatever the latest hipster health trend is…


When we’re connected to our bodies’ natural state of pleasure we feel amazing and fully alive. We’re less stressed or anxious. Old stuff from the past doesn’t have the same grip on us. Daily life feels easier and more simple. We’re more loving and present as parents / partners / friends. We’re more inspired about life itself.

And FYI, no matter what anyone says, your vagina is not broken – there’s nothing wrong with her – she just might need some TLC. 

In fact, if you’re ready to break up with kinda ok or numb and embrace tingling aliveness & mind-blowing sensitivity (or just get your pussy positively puuuurring with pleasure) then you, my dear, are in the right place.


Your Vagina's Fairy Godmother.

Say whaaaat…? You never knew that vagina’s even have fairy godmothers?


Well they do now! 


*insert some kind of epic pussy-power theme song here*

My favourite thing to do in the whole wide world is to help other women feel how f**king magical their pelvises are, love their amazing bodies and experience epic pleasure.


And you can’t. even. imagine. all the incredible tools and tricks I have up my sleeve to make that happen!

Basically what I’m saying here is, if it’s time to let go of any sticky stuff holding you back and finally become BFF’s with your pussy (or even if things are pretty great but you’re insanely curious about going even deeper) …stick around.

As the creator of Yoni Mapping Therapy – The Bliss Method‘ – I’ve trained 25 practitioners all over the world in this powerful pelvic wellness modality for women. I’m also a Certified Somatic Sexologist, pelvic wellness coach, facilitator & Intimacy Educator. 


I co-founded ‘The Yoniverse’ with Elise Savaresse, which became Australia’s most widespread intimacy events for adults. Elise and I trained an amazing team of intimacy educators who are trained to offer The Yoniverse workshops and masterclasses all over Australia.

All of that means that a whole lot of people know me as ‘The Vagina Lady’ (Uh oh!).


I’ve devoted the last 8 years or so of my life to supporting thousands of women to discover their bodies on a deeper level, release old stories, strip away layers of shame and guilt, feel more sensitivity internally, and love their amazing pelvic space and their sexuaIity – and nothing brings me greater joy.

I’m here to help you create simple, nurturing pelvic care practices and rituals to feel more vibrantly alive, pleasure-filled and inspired in your daily life.

Are you ready to explore the vast untamed wilderness within your own amazing body?

Here’s my favourite thing! I’m so excited to be offering….

{ Y O N I . C L U B }

Pelvic Wellness | Deep Self Care | Epic Pleasure
I'm looking for a group of amazing women to join me for an epic 3 month adventure into the wilderness of their own bodies.

Full of guided meditations, video trainings and lots of practices you can keep forever,
this training will revolutionise your relationship with your body and your sexuality.

Places are limited so do jump in soon if you're inspired to join Yoni Club!

All details on the Yoni Club page right here:
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Also check out the blog page for lots of bliss juju!

Until then,


*waving my Vagina Fairy Godmother magic wand in the direction of your vagina*


(…Did you feel that!?)

xx Bonnie

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