Does it all feel too complicated when it comes to feeling good in your body?

I get it. We were basically raised in a culture where we don’t learn about this stuff. In fact, as women it’s normal to judge ourselves and shame our bodies – no matter what they look like.

The good news is that feeling confident in our bodies isn’t reserved for special people. It’s literally a skill that can be learned.

Hi, I'm Bonnie Bliss.
Somatic Sexologist,
Women's Wellness Coach
& Embodiment Teacher...

And here's what I know to be true...

No matter who you are, or what you’ve been told, you’re not stuck feeling numb or disconnected.

No matter how rough things are right now, you’re not broken.

Shame and guilt is normal, but we don’t need to live with it forever.

Being able to orient towards feeling good is essential when healing from trauma.

You are capable of deeply fulfilling intimacy, with yourself and others.

Your body is powerful, beautiful and worthy of being honoured.

Your pleasure potential is guaranteed to expand, the more you explore it and open to it.

Bonnie Bliss
Somatic Sexologist & Intimacy Educator

Named by Body+Soul Magazine as one of 10 Australian female ‘Changemakers – changing the game in the wellness field’, Bonnie Bliss is a Somatic Sexologist, embodiment teacher and women’s pelvic wellness coach. She has spent the last decade supporting thousands of women all over the world to discover the incredible world within their bodies. 

Her background is in private client work, having completed over 10,000 hours with 1:1 clients in person. She has a passion for group work and  has led many retreats and workshops both in Australia and internationally.

Obsessed with using embodied practices to support our nervous systems, let go of stress, release shame and feel more deliciously alive in all areas of life, Bonnie currently offers a range of online programs and 1:1 coaching. She resides in Melbourne with her partner.

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If you've been feeling numb or disconnected from your body, you don't need to stay that way. Here's how I can support you...

I have a range of self-study online programs designed to give you the tools, practices and knowledge you need to take things to the next level in your connection with your body,, your pleasure and your intimacy with a partner, as well as opportunities to work with me privately.

Reclaim Your Pleasure 

This program is all about awakening whole body aliveness and sensitivity. If you’re feeling flat, struggling to feel good in your daily life or just needing a bit of a boost, Reclaim Your Pleasure is for you. The lessons are designed especially for busy women and will help you to open to more sensual pleasure, feel deliciously alive in your body and uncover what’s blocking your pleasure and how to move forward. 
Note: This program is not about sexual pleasure or Yoni Mapping.


The Pelvic Embodiment Toolkit


Our pelvic space is incredibly powerful, yet often overlooked. We can hold chronic tension and stress here, or feel numb and out of touch with our lower body. If you’d like to feel relaxed and connected in your hips and pelvis, and get to know the wisdom and power of this part of you, The Pelvic Embodiment Toolkit is for you. Note: This doesn’t include pelvic massage or Yoni Mapping, it’s about the pelvis generally.

1:1 Holistic Intimacy Coaching


Maybe you know you don’t need an online program, you need specific, personalised guidance from someone super experienced. You want support over a period of time to create deep shifts in your daily life. This is where working with me privately can help you take things to another level – in your experience of pleasure, in your intimate relating, in your connection with yourself as a sensual and sexual being. If you’re ready for a full immersive experience – and you’re willing to invest in the future of your pleasure, your sexuality and your intimate relating, 1:1 coaching with me might be for you. Click here to get all the details and apply.

Women's Pelvic Wellness 101

Want to release patterns of numbness, disconnection or shame? Would you like to access deeper pleasure - alone and with a partner?

Here's exactly what you need to know.

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